Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teasing rain and thanks

It's sprinkling rain here. Hardly enough so far to even knock the dust in the barn lot down but it sure cooled off nice! The poor rabbits were huffing for air this morning. I feel so bad for them wrapped up in fur coats like they are. The fan doesn't seem to be helping at all but the 20 degree temperature drop will help.

I spent the morning smashing cans. They're back up to .55 a lb here, much better than the .30 a lb they've been all summer. I took some in and made $35! Now, thanks to 2 great people, I'm $100 closer to that jersey cow. Thank you to both of you, God bless for your love and help.

I've got the canner going on the stove, it's full of corn from this years harvest.

I may get a batch of soap done this weekend if the cool weather holds out.


  1. I've heard of folks freezing 1-2 liter bottles of water and putting them in the cages to help keep the rabbits cooler.

  2. Have you thought of wetting down burlap sacks and hanging them on the sides of the rabbit cages? It works like an evaporative cooler and is pretty much free. Just take a bucket of water to the coop, dip the burlap into it and hang on the side of the cage. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Madmaddy! Excellent idea!

    Hey Debbie, thanks for that great idea!


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