Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's hot again

Even nastier sitting here in the truck. The storm we had last Saturday knocked the wi-fi dish for the library out of line so I am back to finding a signal where I can in the truck. Oh well, such is life.

The article I linked to in the last post has really been on my mind hard. It is of course, a subject I get worked up over pretty easily. Especially when I feel like my government is trying to encroach on my freedom. What freedom this week? LOL My freedom to choose what I eat of course!

Did you watch the video that went with the article? The Dervaes family grows all that food on a tiny lot in California. Their forum board site is Freedom Gardens. I've been a member there for quite a while. What is being done on that tiny California lot is proof that anyone can feed themselves. I am a little ashamed tho when I look at pictures of their garden. My garden is bigger than their entire lot, home and all and they still out produce me! Guess i better get after it and shape up, huh?

But wait, not everyone has the ability to grow a garden like that, right? Ah, the proverbial "green thumb" thing is a myth. It is, I promise you. How do I know that? LOL well, I didn't start out a super gardener and I killed my fair share of plants. I just kept trying. The desire was there and helped me to keep on trying and learning. It took more than 10 years to get me to the point of being able to say that I don't buy food from the grocery store.

I know not everyone is ready or able to devote the time it takes to be completely free of commercially produced foods. Some people don't have the space to keep rabbits, chickens, a pig or 2 or a couple cows. That doesn't mean you still can't provide a considerable amount of food for yourself. Even if it's just 10 lbs of diced carrots and beans or a couple cases of diced tomatoes. Grow a pumpkin vine and you will never regret canning your own pumpkin for a pie. Even growing common cooking herbs helps. Have you priced any at the grocery lately? Outrageous! Fruit trees are nice too. Landscaping you can eat. Think about adding some raspberry or blackberries to your security or privacy fence. Add some strawberry plants to the flower bed, grow a couple tomatoes in with the marigolds.

I have some hay sitting in the field waiting to be baled up. I'm sure i will be thinking more on this subject as I circle the field on the tractor....


  1. So true! My son is in an apt in SanDiego. I'm heading out next week to help him start a window garden. As far as the video, youhave you to work your farm. They have an entire family that all pitch in! We each do what we can...and can, freeze or dehydrate !

  2. Hey Kati! Oh I know it, I still feel like I'm slacking off tho. Sometimes it's hard to get everything done. Especially when it's horrible hot and humid and ya just don't feel like it. A few extra pairs of hands would be so nice!

  3. Garsh! To have a whole *flock* of family to help with the garden would be TREMENDOUS. When one works alone, the whole day can get away from ya. It is no wonder that old farm families were so large.
    Hope your wi-fi situation gets corrected soon.

  4. Hi Milton! Oh yes, many hands make light work, I wish I had 20 pairs of hands out there. Soon on the net connection, I hope!


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