Tuesday, August 24, 2010

late summer running

Here's the view I've been seeing about every day for the last week. I've been up and down this road at least 20 times going back and forth to the neighbors' place trying to help 2 of my neighbors out. As a result, I haven't gotten much done around my own farm. Ah, I shouldn't say that really, maybe just nothing majorly constructive got done. I still feed the critters every day, grind feed, pick up eggs and clean up after my house full of hogs etc.

We finally got a break in the heat, today is a beautiful day, medium humidity and at least 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. Rain must be coming, LOL.

The egg recall happening right now has turned out kind of good for me, for the first time this year I have sold every single egg I have and still have folks looking for some. For once a government agency has done well for me, LOL.

I've been reading the news paper quite a bit lately. Not having internet at home is kind of a drag. I have decided that reading the news paper is more for the distraction than it is for any real news. I find it very hard to find anything pertinent in the paper anymore. I think I'll just roll them into fire starters and forget about it, LOL.

The cow is still not here yet. I've changed my approach on it a little. Since the feller that keeps promising to get me the cow has not done it yet, I am working on getting directions to the farm and I'll just go get the darn thing myself. Getting the directions will probably take at least a week the way this boy is operating so it will give me time to come up with fuel money and a trailer to haul it with, LOL. Always something, isn't it? I am sooo ready to get milking!

Goat breeding season is in full swing and Johnny Boy is driving me crazy! He never shuts up and you can smell him from 50 yards away. Why do I keep a billy goat???

I'm thinking about starting another round of tire taters. I know it's almost September but the tires keep so much heat and I can always build a plastic tent over the tops. I think I'm going to try it......

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