Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good news and bad

Some good news and some bad all wrapped up together today. So, I'll just share what's new and let the news fall where it may, LOL. My daughter got herself a job with her college education. I'm so proud of her. It will be tough for her to juggle it with her basketball scholarship and classes starting soon but I think she will do fine. I am still waiting for a call on the applications and resumes I already have out there.

I spent a little time on Monday catching up with some old friends and helped out at a food pantry this morning. 231 people came to the pantry this morning. I was pretty surprised and a little disappointed all rolled up into one. Every single person that came thru there had a cell phone and several had those bluetooth ear things. I helped people to their vehicles with the food and every vehicle out there was newer than mine. Way newer than mine. If they can afford the monthly phone bill, why can't they buy food? The bad economy is hurting everyone and now on top of it, food inflation is coming on strong. Check out this article about price increases on food at of all places, walmart. I despise Walmart for many reasons but the biggest one is- where ever there is a Walmart, there is no other venue to shop. Walmart wipes out every bit of competition, leaving you with no where to shop but there. Anyway, the food pantry was giving away a bag with 2 cans of corn, 2 cans of peas, a can of green beans, a can of pork, a can of chicken soup, 2 loaves of bread, a box of mini corn dogs, a bag of powdered milk, a box of doughnuts and some cookies. Folks, this country is in trouble. That is a 30 day food bag, one visit per month allowed.

We've not had any rain and this heat is really drying everything out. I have run out of rain water and have not watered the garden in almost a week now. It's dying and there's nothing I can do about it. I have even put off cutting the hay because of the lack of rain. I hope we get some this weekend like the weatherman says we should. We need some. The critters are all hanging on thru this horrible humidity. They aren't moving around too much and I can't blame them. Even the poor rabbits look rough. I broke down and put a fan on them after I lost a breeding doe to the heat. I can't afford to lose any more, they are part of my winter meat supply.

I have a line on a Jersey milk cow. I just need to figure out where to come up with $200. Such a small amount to stand between me and a constant milk supply for drinking and cheese but broke is broke. I'm doing all I can to make it work out.

One small blessing is the chickens. They are really coming thru for me with their egg production. I lost a few hens to a neighbors dog so I was worried for a bit when they all quit laying from the trauma. A couple days and I am back to a dozen and a half. The dog deprived me of 7 eggs a day. The owner of the dog passed away and her son decided the best way to care for her dog was to turn it loose and I paid for his ignorance. I so hate that. Seems to be a trend lately tho.

The field corn is coming close to harvesting. The crop looks decent too. I should start harvesting in the next 2 weeks....


  1. do you know the local animal control number? you can call them and say the dog is stray or something... even if it has a collar if it's running loose far from home they take it in anyway. especially if you tell them that it's a bite risk. if nothing else the dog owner might consider if he wants to actually keep the dog when he sees he has to pay to get it back.

  2. We have had to visit the food pantry here and the amount they give for the 30 day period is almost the same. There is no way two of us can live off of it alone. Thank goodness I did work the past few months at a temp job that helped me stock up some for the winter. And your right.... it is amazing how some people don't cut back when they could do so much to help themselves.

    We had a garden we started before I had to leave for the temp job but the weather was so bad, DH couldn't get out to work it. I am hoping I will be able to get out there this weekend and see if I can salvage anything.

    Thinking cool thoughts,

  3. Manfort, yep, a nice little jersey so I don't have to buy milk anymore or be saddled with having to give half the cheese I make away for milk. a win-win situation.

    Anon, thanks for the good idea. We live way out in the country and there's no animal control officer here. One would help tho. The dog problem is taken care of.

    Debbie! I think if we judge how well our country is doing by the food pantry, we're in trouble! I so know about the trying to get in the garden thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some nice surprises in it for you.

  4. Hi mmpaints, I just found you blog hopping, your blog is so interesting so I stay a while if you don't mind. Is your rooster an orpington?

  5. Welcome Rina! Glad ya found me. Nope, he's a cross, Australorp and Barred Rock. The picture doesnt show how big he really is, he is enormous. Good natured tho, almost tame.


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