Monday, August 23, 2010

gone too long

Okay, I see I've been remiss in posting... I am working on a good post.....


  1. Promises Promises! Seriously though- we will all still be here when you get back. I hope everything is going well on homestead. :)

  2. Have you thought about adding Google ad-sense to your blog? You have a lot of followers and if they click on the advertisement it will generate money. Google will send you payments.
    Just a thought,

  3. Sometimes *life* gets in the way of posting. As it should be- that why Jefferson wrote ...Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

    Your writing continues to bring me happiness.

  4. Missed you*wink* but understand too! Sometimes "Life Happens", especially when it's harvest time! Praying all is well and that you have been blessed with cooler temps. We have had weird weather all year and this week so far it's feeling much to much like Fall! This is scarey because we're just beginning to really take in the harvest and our evening temps have been down into the mid to low 40's( to close to frost temps for my taste)
    We'll see you when you find the time

  5. Sorry this isn't really related to any particular post, but I have a question. I have lived at the same house for 17 years. This year I am being overrun with mice. Are you or any of your readers having similar problems? Family in North Idaho are having the same problem. I live in Central Oregon and have never had a mouse issue before. I have sanitized every area in the house and still they come. Even with two cats and a very active dog, I can't seem to dispact the little buggers quick enough. My traps have seem to quit working. They are still set while the cheese, peanut butter ect is licked clean. I swear they are traveling in pairs, one chows down while the other holds the trap at bay. Any suggestions would be very helpful.


  6. Jen have you tried bait bars and sticky traps? They keep those mice on their toes( literally)*wink*


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