Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally some rain!

It was real rain with some thunder boomers and it even knocked the power out for a few hours. The storm knocked a branch off the sugar maple at the top of the drive. Now, of course, it's 3 times as humid as it's been, LOL. Yesterday tho, with the storm pushing it, it was actually only 90 degrees in the kitchen and only 85% humidity. I dehydrated some taters and got a batch of blackberry jam done.

Check out this potato I dug out of the tires. Well, it sure does to me.

The goats are now jumping in and out of their pen whenever they feel like it. I was thinking that maybe I had a loose spot somewhere and they were just pushing out but this morning, I let the boy sleep and went off and took care of the morning chores all by myself. As I got close to the goat pen, they all jumped out to greet the feed bucket I was carrying. I got into the pen, dumped the rain water out of the feed pans and they all jumped back in! Hmmm, this could prove to be a problem. Not much I can do about it right now tho. Cattle panels are pretty low on the list, LOL.

I managed to get 3 bags of cans picked up so far. The county has been mowing the ditches and chewing them up pretty good. But, it does make it easier to find any new ones people throw out their vehicle windows. Sometimes I'm glad this is such a dirty state. Lots of aluminum laying around. I'm hoping to have the cow all lined up by this coming weekend so I need to keep working on getting cans picked up so I can pay the man. I'm still $100 short. I can hardly wait to make some cheese. Especially not having to give up half what I make to "pay" for the milk.

I browsed one of my favorite news sites today and found this cool article on eating local organic foods. I thought it was share worthy. I instantly liked it because it reflects my whole attitude toward the USDA and government control of our food source. That same thing I always preach about he who controls the food controls humanity. With the fake food safety bill waiting on the Senate to pass it (S 510 I think it is), we're just a dogs hair away from the government controlling every aspect of what we eat. This bill waiting says that "we" ( citizens of this country) will no longer be "allowed" to grow our own food even for personal consumption. Guess who wrote this idiotic bill? Oh, you guessed it, a Monsanto executive! LOL, I dare some USDA rep to visit me on my farm and tell me it's illegal for me to feed myself. Anybody who finds the whole idea of the government controlling our food to be completely idiotic had better make sure they have a good supply of heirloom, open pollinated seed before there isn't any left. If Monsanto gets their way, we'll all be paying out the nose to be poisoned with GMO food we are forced to eat.


  1. I'm still giggling bout the goats. Surprise!! I would have loved to see the look on your face...
    Your potato's came out looking good. I'm STILL trying to "perfect" my technique with them. Like not watching my timing on blanching. :) I still come out with funky looking ones occasionally.
    I'm glad to hear to hear you are getting closer and closer to that dang cow! Hey, maybe you can call her Cheese Whiz!

  2. I wouldn't worry to much about that bill, even if they do pass it, how on earth are they going to enforce it? Even if it is passed I will NOT abide by it, they can arrest me, it's "udderly" ridiculous! *wink*

  3. That jelly looks yummy and those potatoes look perfect. What do you use them for?


  4. Since I am not a farmer can you be specific on the watering bottles for your critters? Is this something they would have at a pet shop or online?


  5. Awesome article & video, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Mickey! You're welcome. The family shown in the video has a cool website and a forum board, Freedom Gardens.

    Hi Sis! LOL, rabbit water bottles are easy to find, I think even walmart has them. I use the nipple ends you can buy from Rural King and put one litre pop bottles on them. When it's really hot, they will drink a bottle twice a day and more than one in a cage (babies) will drink 3 or 4 a day. The taters are just like store bought taters, just without the pesticides on them. LOL, don't worry, if we ever get caught up on our bills, I'll bring you some jam!

    Hey Kelle! I'm right there with ya, I'm already on so many government lists, one more won't hurt! I'll just keep feeding myself and drinking my raw milk, LOL.

    ROFL Sci! Yah, surprise indeed! I worry about them roaming loose, so much trouble for them to get into.


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