Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Icky Humid

The center of our country is still stuck in this awful heat and humidity trend. Yep, it's still nasty here. Kind of makes me wish I had the 7" of rain my family up in Chicago got just the other day. Today the weatherman is calling for a 40% chance of rain but with a light breeze and the sun blazing, I seriously doubt we will see one single drop of rain here. I did see some lightning way up north of us last night, the reflection of it lit the horizon up for more than an hour. Wish it would have dumped a little rain down here.

The truck bed is full of green bean plants from a neighbors garden. They picked 20 gallons of beans and gave up. I stopped in for a visit and ended up with a truck bed full plus some hybrid tomatoes and some end of the season sweet corn. It's a bi-color hybrid they planted, didn't do anywhere as good as my golden Bantam did. The bean plants netted my 9 gallons of good green beans for canning. The 2 buckets of corn is the last of what was good out of my own corn patch. The heat has ruined the second planting with the stalks only getting half size and the ears are pitifully small. The corn worms and weevils are hard into what's left since I don't use commercial pesticides. My own mix only works if you catch the bugs right away and I didn't check the patch as often as I should have this year due to the extreme heat we've been suffering thru. Yes, I know, shame on me but a person can only sweat so much in a single day before enough is enough.

Nope, I still haven't butchered any bunnies. they are still hopping around, trying to stay cool just like the rest of us. Stephanie asked what I do with the rabbit hides. Nothing Stephanie, I throw them away. It takes way too much time and effort to cure the hides the old fashioned way and commercially purchased chemicals are too expensive for my budget. If you want them, just say so and I'll save them for you.

Not much else going on around the farm this past week, just the trying to stay half way cooled down. I hope this awful heat wave breaks soon, I'm about out of bread!


  1. I gave up on beans too. I was going to can them, but after snapping all night I just ended up pouring brine on them to make fridge "dilly beans" and freezing the rest.

    If I head up North, can I pick up a few dressed bunnies and some cheese? How heavy are they averaging this year?

  2. Looks delicious!

    We're about to start getting tomatoes! I am very excited about that.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, even way up here in NE Minnesota we've having the heat and awful humidity. And it sure does suck the energy right out of a person. I picked peas early yesterday morning to try to avoid the heat (ha!) and was wrecked for the rest of the day. It may affect us more because we just aren't used to these temps . . . and I know it's the humidity that makes it nearly unbearable.

    So we're all sisters of the garden trying to make it through together. The healthy fruit and veggies are worth it . . . if we can just remain upright! :o)

  4. Hey Red! Give me about a month before you head up here, can't make cheese when it's so hot in the kitchen. The darn stuff sours during the press time. I've got bunnies coming out of my ears, there will be plenty good sized ones thru September.

    Hey HP! Oh yah, what a boone, the neighbors are good, like minded folks that have their eyes open.

    Hey T Rex Mom! My large cherry tomatoes are just now coming ripe, aren't tomatoes the best?

    Mama Pea! Good to see you! Oh yah, the humidity is nasty. Heat wouldn't be bad without it. I'm trying to remain upright, for sure! The hose is a life saver.

  5. Hey Kath,
    The truck looks great with all the produce. I will tell mom and dad to check your blog. How is the truck running?


  6. Hey Sis! LOL, the truck is running good now that the leaky gas tank is fixed and the rear suspension is fixed. Can't beat the Barney Mobile for being dependable, she always starts!

  7. It must be a good year for beans! My garden is woefully behind this year and not doing well at all, but I have beans... lots of beans. The heat has been awful here, too.

  8. Im jealous!! My beans did poorly, and I had the same problem with my corn. We are drying up here too quickly. I'll take those skins! William wants to try his hand at tanning also :) Tomorrow (Friday) we are suppose to be in the high 70s and with rain!! Lets hope it pans out for us.

  9. The veggies look delicious! I'm new to your blog, but am enjoying reading about your life.

    I've given you an award....for blogs I've recently discovered (the idea is to get people reading new blogs and building community). Stop by my blog to collect yours. :)

  10. you rcorn is beatufil. Ours, not so much...


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