Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attack of the corn cobs

LOL, well, not really the cobs being bad, it's the weevils and the borer worms! I picked a whole wheelbarrow full today and got them processed for canning, 7 gallons of whole kernel corn waiting to be canned. More to be picked tomorrow. I got run out of the corn patch by a pop up thunderstorm. It sure did cool it off nicely but the humidity is awful! Air you wear, yay rah! LOL


  1. Sweet corn sounds so good! I think we have the same storms coming thru, I have to look at it as free watering! But the life sucking humidity stinks!

  2. Ditto on the humidity! Looks like we could get some rain today which is fine 'cause we need it. But because it's so gray this morn, I just ran out to pick raspberries and peas while I could. The humidity was so heavy I could swear I felt it on my face . . . like a thick mist! What's with all this sustained hot weather and gawd-awful humidity this year??

    Mmmm-mmm, your corn harvest sounds wonderful. Lotsa work but you'll reap such great benefits from it all winter!

  3. I love sweet corn time in the Midwest!

    I like to run dry corn cobs through a grinder and mix them half and half with stove pellets for an amazingly hot and long burning fuel source in my stove pellet basket.

    You can also make a great liquor out of corn cobs if you use a distiller's yeast with enzymes. It is tasty for those hot nights that you are sweating too much to get off the couch.

  4. 7 gallons!!! Wow! That's fabulous, MM!


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