Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Downtown

Well, here I am, sitting on a bench outside the local health food joint, connected to the internet! Thanks to a pal, I now have a wi-fi close to home that i can use when ever I need to! how cool is that! They're closed today because of the town working on the water lines so I am outside, on a bench, playing on the computer. Passersby think I'm nuts. Oh well! LOL

First things first, no, I have not made a batch of soap. I need to tho, I am down to 2 bars here so in the next day or 2 I will whip up a batch of soap. I will be about a week or so before it will be ready to go Kati, hang in there! Good stuff isn't it? Also, I will get the blog search box installed right after this post for you.

So, here's some pictures like I promised. Things are really growing like mad around here and the nasty storm that rolled thru last night around 7pm dumped 3" of rain on us in an hour! Yay rah, more weeds and skeeters. At least it's cooled off by a few degrees. yesterday was about unbearable but today it's not too bad. Nice breeze to blow the humidity away. I also took a picture of the container tomatoes but they have grown so much and look so wild and spread out, you can't really tell what's what in the picture so I passed on adding it. The dang things have gone completely ignorant, over growing the support cage by almost double already and over flowing onto the porch and the other containers i have close to it. I guess next year i will know to use that compost soil a little more sparingly!

Oh, I almost forgot, sorry Unk! The hot pepper spray that repels the bugs- a spray bottle with some powdered chili pepper(a heaping tablespoon), a drop of any kind of dish soap( I use ajax) and fill it up with water. Dont shake it up or it's all bubbles. It works on all kinds of bugs, even aphids and the horn worms hate it too.


  1. Glad to see you back & hear about the soap! I know it will be a few weeks before I can make mine but, I tell you that soap is great! I Planted 4 loufa (SP)? to use with the soap this fall but none sprouted. BUMMER! That hot pepper spray works wonderful on tomatos...just remember to wash them and not nibble from the garden or you'll be running FAST for a hose LOL! Yes, I learned the hard way!

  2. That is very cool. Thanks for sharing.


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