Saturday, June 26, 2010

This weeks hay baling

I know it's a really small picture but the cell phone doesn't take em any bigger! The regular camera is holding on by a thread so a hay field adventure is definitely not on the agenda. Not too bad baling today, a bit more humid than I'd like but it's hay season, it's going to be icky. I have 500 bales put up now with around 300 bales worth still laying on the ground. Not quite dry enough to bale today and I'm hoping the thunder clouds spouting the lightning go around the hay field tonight.

I now have 3 gallons of blackberries in the freezer. I had to put them in there to be on hold while I finish up the haying. Can't have them getting mushy and molding on me before I can mash them into some jam!

The beefsteak mortgage lifter tomatoes are about ripe and the romas need a little calcium. I'm seeing a little blossom end rot on them. Not really that big of a deal, I just cut the end off but still, a few tums in the water bucket and they should come right out of it.

Not much else is going on around here. I did get the mortgage paid ( Thank you Lord) so we're good for another month. Geez, I hate to think like that but we're doing the best we can with what we have. No extra to fix the broken stuff around here tho. Soon, I hope, keep the prayers coming....


  1. Hope the storms skirted you..we have lightning flashing now but I think its all from the heat. Canned 10 pints of blackberry jam this evening. I think I need to do a "quality assurance" test here soon. Good luck and prayer you get the hay in

  2. I remember the years we fought rain, raking and baling, can't say as I miss it to much but we have a good source for hay from friends and we pick it out of the field to save $$$.

    Blossom end rot is also caused by irregular watering. I used to water down any extra milk and water the maters with that and never had a problem with end rot.

    Blessings for your weekend,

  3. It is hard but the Lord gives us what we need for today and asks that we trust him with the tomorrows. Just look at the birds flitting around and know we are loved more than they and they live pretty care free. Yes I know their brain doesn't have the same capacity as ours but it is a good reminder just the same. Love you! Your sister.

  4. Well, I hope you beat the rains. It sure is an acquired skill knowing when to cut, rake and bale. It worked out good for us (this time) pulling in twenty big round bales. I wrote about it on my blog at
    We are still waiting on our blackberries to darken, but the raspberries are coming on.

  5. Our blackberries are slowly getting there,tomatoes are ready ( I just plucked a black krim tomato that weighs 1 lb 12 oz),and i just put up the first batch of pickles. Hope you get your hay in, at least this coming week will be a little cooler. Do you grow any other source of feed for your animals for more self sustainability?

  6. I did beat the rain, it poured Sunday night but I was all done. I picked more blackberries yesterday too and was once again covered in ticks. Dang things!

    LOL Kati, I did a little quality assurance myself and made a blackberry coffee cake, LOL.

    Kelle, I'll have to water more often, LOL. I hate packing the water out there thru the tall grass, mower is still broken.

    Milton, way cool! Thank you for the link to your page!
    Wish I had me some raspberries, none wild around here.

    Hey Coley! Awesome 'mater! It is so hot and sticky here, I've not canned anything yet. I've been keeping everything in the freezer waiting. Yes, I actually grow a nice bit of field corn along with milet and oats for the critters. I have the advantage of having enough land here to grow quite a bit for myself.

  7. I did not know that about the tums in the garden water. Very helpful fact. I am begining to see the end rot and did not know it was a calcium deficiency. THANK YOU for sharing that tid bit.
    I will be reading more of your blog & adding you to my where I hop list.


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