Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Radish Harvest and another bad day

Today I pulled a couple of radish from my ammo box planter on the porch. This is my second harvest out of the box and I will probably plant at least one more round. Soon I will be able to add cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes to the radish.

Well, on the way home from work this morning, hubby got hit by a rock that came off the tires of a passing coal truck. Now we have a broken windshield. If it pours when it rains, we're having a hurricane here!


  1. Do you have glass breakage? It should be covered. We've had it happen to us before too. Glass breakage only costs about five dollars a month more at the very most.

  2. Did you get the name of the company on the truck and what time it occurred. I drive a truck for a dirt company and I know with the company I work for that is all you need and they will pay for it.

  3. That's about all the bad news that you're allowed for the year. Now that this is out of the way, the rest of the rear should be a breeze!!

  4. I got a chip last summer on my brand new car windshield and they did that epoxy thing and it made it fine all winter and it was outside quite a bit in nasty weather. They guarantee it, too. i think it has to be smaller than a dollar bill, but that was the question I answered. It had started to spider-web, but not far. So far, so good. If it is too big, something ti file away for next time. :o)

  5. Ah, I wish I had breakage, liability only, it's all I could afford (mandatory insurance).

    Hi Trucker Mom, I wish! Kentucky 56 outside of Morganfield. Back in 2002, we had a coal truck break one for us, we had to take him to court.

    Tango! I agree! Bad stuff needs to quit happening to us! We have had more than our share and I for one am ready to have a couple good things happen now.

    Karen Sue, good idea, I'll check around and see if it's a good alternative for us, might be way cheaper and we could use the money break.

  6. I sure hope that hurricane passes on by and your days are filled with rainbows!

  7. Every vehichle we own has a cracked windshield, also nearly everyone else around here has cracks. My daughter had to borrow a friends car who lives in town today to take her drivers test, they wont allow cracked windshields.
    Living in the country we just accept that is how it is.


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