Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot and Quiet

Yep, it's hot down here. It is really starting to get miserable in the house during the day now. The kind of hot that just saps the will to do anything right out of you. Check this kidney bean plant out, it's making beans even tho it's just in a 2 litre bottle planter. Silly plant it is. It's outside counterparts are also making beans, good thing they are covered in pods instead of just a few. I weeded around them a bit yesterday and fed the skeeters while i was at it. I bet I was bitten at least 40 times even with cutter spray on. The skeeters are vicious this year.

It's hot enough in the house now that cheese making is about done for the summer. The cheese isn't drying a rind like it should anymore with all the humidity in here. So, I made some Mozzarella cheese instead. The batch turned out really well, hit the proper acidity level right away and cooled out really nicely. I'm going to make pizza in the smoker/grill this weekend.

Absolutely no progress toward getting anything around here fixed, the paycheck is barely going to cover fuel for work and college, no bills get paid this week. I've got a resume in at a couple coal mines close to me, hope I can get in somewhere. The farm and my sons schooling will suffer greatly but I don't see much other choice. I don't even have a clue how I will get to work if I do get hired on but I have to do something. No use in being self sustained on a farm I can no longer pay for. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it......


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  2. I have made mozzarella cheese before. I'm always looking for new recipes. Could you post your recipe for mozzarella, Please! :o) I hope things get easer for you, and things start going your way.

  3. Gotta just love the tenacity of that little bean plant! Going to do it's thing, regardless of the obstacles!

    Looks pretty healthy, too!

  4. There is a life lesson in HermitJim's comment. People, too, need tenacity to do their thing -- regardless of the obstacles. Hang in there, our prayers are with your family.

  5. Grew up on a Maine potato farm and own the 300 acres surrounding that family farm. Rent out the land, buildings ...more of a pretend farmer now. But growing up, it's survival and if you have a break even year, that is a good year. You can keep farming. Thanks for your blog!

  6. It's incredibly hot here too, but no goat milk to make cheese yet. In a week or so.... yeah!

    Meanwhile, I'm so far behind in planting and chickens and grass mowing and really everything. And money is very tight for us for the next couple of months too. I empathize.

    Vikki at and


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