Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update and New babies

Spring has disappeared here and all of the sudden it's 85 degrees. We haven't quite dried out from the last round of rain but we tilled yesterday and mudded some beans, peas and melons in. I got the pumpkins I sprouted in the house planted in the tire and all that's left is a few small odds and ends still to get started.

6 ducklings, hatched I think on Friday or late Thursday. Momma has brought them to the root cellar/pond and they are loving it. I watched her for close to a half hour yesterday, trying to call them all out of the pool. She had to go in and round them up because they weren't leaving. I got a good giggle from it.

I messed around a bit pulling tiny weeds from the container plantings and noticed I have a few tiny tomatoes growing and a ton of baby cucumbers! Guess it was my hand pollination or maybe it just got warm enough for the bees to do their job. At this point, I'm not much caring, either way I've got produce coming on! None too soon, pickings are getting a little slim for supper here.

Update on the small farm disasters front, still working on trying to stop the leaks from the hot water tank. We now have a mystery leak we can not locate. Nothing has been done about pulling it completely out since i can't do it myself and I'm not getting any help with it. The daughters truck is still not fixed. Apparently Ford had some idiots in charge when they designed the fuel system for the 93 step side pickup dual tank system. Something as simple as just dropping the back tank with the hole in it and eliminating the tank switcher has turned into a nightmare of T'd fuel lines( all solid and braided hose) with no connections. Seems it's all one piece from the motor to the tanks and inter connected to both tanks at once. The lawn mower keeps flying apart and we're still $300 away from covering the parts. Oh well, we'll get there one of these days. The big truck is still hanging in there with the bearing, hopefully it will hold up until we can replace the spindle... At least we managed to get everything together for the daughters nursing class that starts on Monday. Guess I'll be driving her in that junk jeep for a while..........


  1. Love the blog. Admire your tenacity. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Those are so Cute, ILove It. Your Blog is fantastic.

  3. Mother Nature tells all her small critters just how to take their enjoyment where they find it!

    Very nice!


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