Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainy Days are good For...

Playing in the kitchen! At least for me anyway, it's one time I get to play in the kitchen undisturbed.

Well, I ran out of vege oil in the pantry. I always thought I had too much in there but it turned out to be only around 8 months worth. Now I'm out and I must find another bread recipe that is as easy as my Hillbilly Housewife recipe and tastes as good. I found a group of recipes over at the Chickens in the Road blog So far, I made the apple butter coffee cake and the Grandma Bread version of cinnamon bread. Both were outstanding and I will make them several more times. I did figure out that I made the frost for the coffee cake a little too runny since it all melted off and baked on the cookie sheet. next time I will wait for half way thru and then add the frost and I'll mix it less runny too, LOL.

Other than that, it's just business as usual, same old stuff, watching the garden grow and feeding the critters.......


  1. These look yummy, but I think that pan may have been a 'soaker' :o)
    I have a bunch of stuff to do in the next month and just have to buckle down to graduation gift making.. I like it, I just need to focus, but food is such an easy distraction..

  2. Both look good, I'll have to check those recipes out. I'm braving the potato buckets this year, I have 4 planted. Did you get more soap made?

  3. That coffee cake looks delicious! Necessity .... invention! Vikki at

  4. Wasn't raining here, but I had a hankering for flatbread/pita bread, so I made a batch and with some tomato slices, refried black beans and a scattering of sharp cheddar cheese had an amazing lunch!


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