Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

Where's Noah's Ark when you need it? It's been raining since around 8:30 this evening and yes, it's 1am now here in southern Illinois... I was kind of half asleep on the couch when a nice bolt of lightning brought me back to reality. I suddenly realized it was pouring rain. Not really a big thing, it rains all the time. But wait, who is out in that make shift pen I built the other day???? The goats are out in the rain. What's the big deal about that you ask, it's just rain after all... I decided I better go check on them and maybe put them in the barn. Good thing I did because there is so much standing water in the paddock area that the baby goats were very close to swimming. I knew they were in trouble when I hit the north side of the driveway and stepped off into water mid shin deep. Just great, my only pair of shoes are now soaked. I stepped off the driveway and into the grass and sank in the mud another 6". Now I'm knee deep in mud and water, it's pouring rain and the goats are very ready to head for the barn. No worse for wear, they got some alfalfa hay and a little feed to warm them up. Now, how am I gonna get all that mud out of my shoes???


  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend the early morning! bet the critters were glad to see you, though!

    Always something, isn't it?

  2. I think we got the same storm you did.

    I just throw my shoes in the dryer and let the tumbling knock out the dust and dirt. I got after them with a wet toothbrush after that. I have had most of my shoes for 3+ years.

  3. I've been right where you were myself, sister. Out in the downpour, muddy and wet trying to take care of things that rely on me...wondering how I'll ever get the mess cleaned up! Sorry about all your rain...we could actually use some here in the middle of Kansas. Thanks for hitting the follow button! I enjoy following your blog!


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