Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day for all the Moms that visit here. My day was like any other lately. My daughter did pick me a bunch of wild flowers from around the farm which brightened my morning. The day has been cool and quiet, I tended critters, ground feed, cleaned the grill, lit a fire and cooked up the last of the pork loin for supper. I decided I'd bake myself a cake after I washed a kitchen full of dishes, went into the closet storage for some ingredients and squish went my feet on the carpet. We've lost the hot water tank. Just when I thought nothing else bad could happen to us. So add a hot water tank to the list of broken things we can't fix and it can join the lawn mower spindle and pulley, the hole in the truck gas tank, the front door falling apart and no window screens. Now I need to go have a good cry. Happy Mothers Day.


  1. Oh Kat! Call your elect co. Ours gave us 2 to replace gas to elect.....its worth a try! Keeping you and your family in my prayers

  2. Well, dang and drat! Sending vibrations of only GOOD things to happen to you and yours from now on. Enough is enough!

  3. I'd love to get a hold of some of your cheeses... how may I donate??

  4. *BIG hugs* Girl... I am in the same boat right next to you. It is to the point here, that I hate to see my hubby touch anything. Wish I could help but all I have is a shoulder here and an ear if you need them.


  5. Hi,I just recently came across your blog. I love it. First of all Happy Mothers day. I hope things get better for you.

  6. I wish so much I had money. I would help all my homesteading friends. Its hard work with little or no money our life but we can't help but love it right. I spent Mother's Day cleaning a gallon of paint off the floorboard of the truck. Found a gallon of paint I needed at Lowe's for $5 but it wasn't closed good and the whole gallon ended up in the truck. Husband yelled all afternoon and Lowe's just said sorry they would tell their people to be more careful. So I was with no paint and 3 hours of hosing and using shop vac cleaning truck while being yelled at. Sorry didn't mean to vent. Just want you to know I understand where you are at and wish so much I could make it easier for you.

  7. Hey Kati! I called and they were rude. Guess I'm not a "valued" customer because I'm behind on my bill. Ain't that special?

    Thank you Mama Pea, I need some good vibes. It's been so long since things ent right, I can't even remember what it feels like anymore.

    Hello Gelfling! Thank you for stopping by! You may donate to the farm for cheese with the paypal button or email me at for our home addy.

    Hey Debbie! Oh, I know, nobody touches anything around here anymore. I made the mistake of thinking things couldn't get worse, boy was I wrong!

    Welcome Coley! Thank you!

    Oh Peggy! I so know how that feels, Lowes should have at the very least, replaced the paint or they'd of been wearing what I could scrape off the floorboards. Yah, they're sorry. Well, at least I'm not the only one, thanks for the story!

  8. I feel your pain Kat..if it weren't for bad luck, we would have none at all.
    From personal experience: our water heater went about 4 years ago, we have never been enough ahead to replace it yet. I bought a HUGE pot at a flea market and use that to heat water on the stove, have been for 3+ years now. I fill it once and heat it and its enough hot water to do all the dishes. Fill it halfway and get it rolling hot, carry it up to the bathroom and put the cold water in it and it gives a good shower (ok, so I sit on a stool in the tub and dip it out with a large cup and pour it over myself, but I am good and clean when done). Clothes washing is with cold, so don't need hot there.
    It's amazing how much our water consumption has gone down and our electric, since we only heat what we need.

  9. I'm sorry you are having such a rough go of it Kat.{{{{ HUGS}}}}
    Those are just things and although needed are replaceable.*wink* You could have had my Mom's day, it was good as far as Mike and Cortney making my day wonderful, cooking our dinner and gifting me a small handmade gift for the hoophouse, yet my eldest didn't bother to call, send a card or anything. This is after he told Mike last weekend, that he was embarrassed of us and how we live and that everyone laughs at us. I don't care what everyone else thinks but it does hurt to hear that your own child is embarrassed of you*sigh* He also enlightened us with the fact that all his troubles were caused by us, YEA right, not buying that one for a minute and Mike told his just that. He's about to learn a hard lesson about which bridges he burns and blood is thicker than water.
    Again sorry you are having such struggles, but it can always be worse*hugs*

  10. Wow, Sorry your Mothers Day was so rough. We spent the day driving 13 hours so we can spend the next two weeks watching our old pastors kids while they go to Hawaii. I got to pick where we ate when we stopped and the girls drove all but two hours so I read most of the way. I had a much better Mothers Day than you.

  11. Hey Lauren! Thanks for stopping in! Yes, I hear ya, we've done that here before too when we had the dericho. It's just depressing when you know you could have hot running water. Oh well, guess we'll live thru it, don't have much choice, eh?

    Aw kelle, thanks pal! Hugs back atcha! I got a 20 yr old here, BTDT hang in there, they do grow up. After all, we did and we lived thur it, LOL.

    Hey DebbieO! Funny, the Pastor of the church I went to as a kid was from Hawaii too... his kids should all be grown now tho. They used to hula in the pews.

  12. Our pastor is Korean and his wife is Mexican. Her sister lives in Hawaii and bought them tickets. We drove all that way to watch their kids, so who could resist taking that trip?
    We love them very much, they are actually our best friends.


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