Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Berries

Today I feel like a yo-yo, up, down, left, right, 35mph wind but at least it's warmed up again.

I'm slowly getting all the water mopped up. It already smells like mold. That figures.

Today is another simple day around the farm. I'm doing the usual, tending critters, baking bread, got some chili going and a couple of rabbits in the stew pot. Some cake cooling on the counter. Nothing new broke today.

I still found a little time to cut another sidewall off a tire I picked up from the local mechanic for the zucchinis. I got it filled and the seedlings planted in it. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to put the pumpkins out, I don't want them getting beat to death by the 35mph wind we have today. I still need to put the melons out, both the hot peppers and both types of cherry tomato. I haven't decided where yet. The new round of beans has sprouted, I will probably till their spot and plant them tomorrow as well.

It's almost time to hill the potatoes, again! They are really growing quickly, much faster than when they are in the ground. Must be the well draining, rich compost mix soil. I'm pretty pleased with it, so pleased I haven't even hit them with the home made fertilizer mix yet. No need if they are growing so quickly without it.

Off to finish the rabbit stew......


  1. glad to hear nothing broke today. :) Chili sounds good as its cool here but suppose to get back up to the 90's Friday.

  2. Looks like your strawberries are in already? When we lived in northern Illinois (close to the Wisconsin border), the strawberries didn't come in until about a month from now. Up here in NE Minnie-soda, ours aren't ready until around 4th of July!

  3. Vinagar may help stop the mold. Great minds think alike as chili is what we had also. Hang in there!

  4. Well, everything in that post sounded yummy, except you didn't explain the yummy-looking strawberry! Are you actually picking them down there already? Ours are just flowering up north! How exciting for you!! (Glad nothing broke today!!! Rejoice!)

  5. I was going to say to spray vinegar around also for the mold.
    I chuckeled when you said 35 mph winds. Around here that is a still day. We have to be sure everything can withstand very high winds.
    We are in Alvin Texas for a few days and went strawberry picking yesterday and it is at the end of their harvest.
    Wish I had a dehydrator with me, I would dry a bunch of them.

  6. I love cherry tomatoes, but am a bit scared of them everytime I plant them, lol! It seems that every variety I plant suddenly becomes MEGA cherry tomato and takes over whatever area it is planted in! Not such good luck with regular 'maters, but cherry tomatoes...I can grow them with no problem...weird, huh?


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