Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Project

This was my big project for the day. It's not really much but i scrounged 5 pieces of wood up from the neighborhood and used the rest of that scrap chicken wire and build one row cover for some of my kidney beans.

I had to put pop bottles over each plant because the ducks were nipping the tops off of them. Apparently, these ducks are lawn mower ducks. I couldn't leave the pop bottles on the beans since they're growing so quickly. I'd hate for them to grow thru the tops over night. How would I get the bottles off them then?

Last spring the ducks were still staying around the barn where I kept them penned up all winter. They ventured out back into the pasture and nipped the corn and kidney beans from my back garden. This year, I am low on seed and I simply can not feed the ducks my seedling plants. So, row covers are in order. Catching up on our bills is harder than I imagined so the row covers are not getting built as quick as I'd like. I may have to find some other way to keep them all from eating the garden.......

There are so many little things that need fixed around here, it's pitiful. The boy knocked a hole in the crank case of the 4-wheeler yesterday and the daughter backed up the dually with the door open and sprung the driver door! If it's not one thing, it's another around here.

It's sprinkling rain and I still haven't got any corn planted....


  1. Its thursday, tomorrows payday right? Just look at things a week at a time. We went to the courthouse today for building permits for the studio..(now that were in the city limits)city permit(S) were $240! If we were still county it would have been $50.....all those benefits of being annexed to city limits!

  2. Looks like a good way to let the chickens scratch out most of the weeds when they come up while keeping them and rabbits away from the plants you want.

  3. Aw Kati, I know how that feels!

    Bitmap, that's what I'm hoping too. this isn't a very big spot, just 2 rows 16' long for beans and 2 rows of onions with space enough for the tiller inbetween. Both the chickens and ducks have been in it pretty hard.


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