Monday, April 12, 2010

Sitting on Go for Planting

Over the weekend, I got a little busy. I didn't take pictures right away because that daughter of mine left for the weekend and helped herself to my camera. Nothing new, she thinks everything in the house is hers. All's well tho, all that got missed was the transplant shock, LOL.

The empty tub I set up last week got some beefsteak tomatoes in it along with the next tub and the third one got some Chocolate Beauty sweet peppers.

Another good thing from the weekend- new rabbit kits! So far so good, the doe is a first time Momma and it seems like she's doing okay since the kits are still alive this morning.

I am a little disappointed this morning, I had a Barred Rock hen go broody last weekend. yesterday, I found her gone from the nest she was one. She's moved to another nest! So, I have about 20 eggs that are no good now since she sat them for a week. The new nest she has chosen to sit on probably has a dozen eggs in it from the days worth of hens laying. Might even be a duck egg or 2 in it.

Speaking of ducks, the old house trailer we pulled into the back field is finally burnt. We pulled it back there 5 years ago because it was in the way for where we wanted to build the new barn. While it was burning, a critter crawled out from under it. The critter was quite singed from the huge fire so we put it down. I'm not really sure exactly what it was, it could have been a fox. That would explain what happened to 5 of my ducks thru the winter and where the missing chickens and eggs went. What ever the poor creature was, it's gone now so maybe I can manage to raise a few chicks and ducklings.

I've also got an experiment going. Last year, i read a blog/website where the lady insisted you can store cheese long term by simply waxing it. I actually got into an argument over it because I know that it does not work. So, I set out to find a way to store cheese long term so folks don't have to keep a chemical replacement for cheese (velveeta) or some sort of powdered excuse for cheese. 8 more days and it will be 30 days of a chunk of cheese sitting at room temperature. It's a piece of my homestead cheese, no chemicals or preservatives in it. I'll update on it on the 20th of this month....................


  1. a few thoughts on cheese: i know you can 3-step wax your cheese (vinegar, cheesecloth, wax outside) and that's traditional. i've also read that vinegar+cheesecloth+vacuume sealed plastic bags works well. neither affect the cheese taste, and both are supposed to last your cheese up to a year, depending on conditions.
    does your cheese freeze well? harder cheeses sometimes freeze okay, and just turn out a bit crumblier.

    another option: drying your cheese? i know it can be done in a dehydrator, for adding to foods. i dont' know if it would be what you're looking for, but it is an option

  2. Simply Complicated, thank you for stopping in and leaving your thoughts! The cheese freezes well, it does get a bit crumbly, depending on how long it's been frozen for. I've not tried dehydrating it yet, i was going more for the "fresh eating" aspect. Going for cheese that is like what comes out of the press without having to do all the extra steps thing. Now I have to try dehydrating it, LOL.

  3. I can assure you that dehydrated cheese is nasty. You might as well melt Crayola on top of your spaghetti.

    I wish your garden luck. I got the gardening bug this week and planted too many Bhut Jolokia peppers.

  4. Hi Red! LOL, guess I'll pass on the dehydrating thing then. No sense in it since I can have fresh anytime. ROFL there's such a thing as too many pepper plants?


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