Thursday, April 8, 2010

ROFL-Meatless Mondays?

The San Francisco Food Police Strike again.... The reporter IMO, made the woman from Defense for Animals look like an idiot..... I won't even get into the part of where some city council thinks they know more about keeping me healthy than I do....

I live a self sustained lifestyle that revolves around growing my own chemical and preservative free food and reducing my dependence on commercially produced energy, etc. Self sustained does not mean that I don't eat meat. I simply raise my own critters to eat and butcher them myself. Meat is part of our every day meals. I even eat meat with breakfast.

Honestly, these people are so dense, it's amusing. It's not "meat" that is making people obese, it's the chemicals in the food they eat! It's the 12 pack of soda they drink every day! It's the couch they sit on when they stuff cheetos in their mouths while watching television.

Working toward living self sustained or even just trying to be less dependent on commercial products does not mean you must give up eating the things you love to eat. All it means is that you produce those things for yourself. You also must learn to cook those meals for yourself.

Grow some fruit and vegetables, turn off the television and eat some grass fed beef. Make sure you eat a double helping on Mondays.


  1. I am soooo sorry...I couldn't make it all the way through that. Also, there is a steak sandwich awaiting my personal attention....

  2. I nearly dropped my cheeto's from my lap on the couch I was laughing so hard! Hubby was yelling "where do they get off telling me what to eat"..while reaching for the steak sauce.
    next they'll be telling me what toothpaste to use; oh wait, they say it has to have flouride in it now.

  3. Double meat on Mondays! Great idea. I think it would catch on.

  4. I love animals... and so should everyone.
    They are delicious... :)
    patriot steve

  5. Hands in the air waving singin AAAAAAMEN!
    They would have a fit if we they knew we had venison, turkey & squirel in the freezer...we won't mention the bunnies keepin them company LOL!

  6. I saw a t shirt that said PETA,
    people eating tasty animals.
    They were selling BBQ beef sandwiches.


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