Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pacing a hole in the Floor

I've got 2 shelves worth of seedlings waiting for me to get screens built to protect them from the ducks, chickens and cats. I'm also needing a few things I don't have to finish the 2 separate arbors for the cherry tomatoes. The multi colored sweet peppers still aren't big enough to go out yet. I did set a bowl of kidney beans out and the ducks proceeded to step all over them. Hopefully they will live thru it. I have 2 more bowls of kidneys not quite ready to go out to finish out the 2 rows I want to plant. The scrap chicken wire is working beautifully on the tater tires. The taters are sprouting up above the soil in all 4 tires. I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing at this point. I just can't see how growing them in tires is not going to be so much easier than traditional in ground planting. I like it so much, I may never go back to conventional potato rows again.

I'm a little disappointed, it's been 30 days and I do not have a single gourd seed sprouted. Apparently, gourd seeds do not like peat pellets. I've always just scattered the seed in the fall but now that I have ducks and chickens, I have to do something different. I restarted some today using the old tried and true paper towel in the ziploc bag method.

Since viewing that History channel film I talked about the other day, hubby has decided I need more garden. He ran up the road and got a subsoiler from a friend of ours and subsoiled the entire horse paddock. Where am I gonna put the horses now? Ah, it's a good idea and I'll probably move the fencing panels over a bit and use a 40x100 strip down the backside and plant extra sweet corn there. It will double the amount of corn I normally plant and leave my old corn patch open for more pumpkins and melons. A good thing I hope!

Off to get more little chores done......


  1. congratulations on your first place prize in the ADL writing contest. Right Proud of you girl.
    Anna Mouse

  2. LOL Anna, yah, I saw that. Nice of the ADL to use a single sentance from a whole paragraph stating my opinion of the entire Congressional process via cspan the evening of the healthcare vote out of context. I am now more stupid for having watched the whole thing. Glad me and my little self sustained farm are such a threat, ROFL. The ADL is full of a bunch of weenies, for sale to the highest bidder. As far as I'm concerned, they can all kiss my Constitution.

  3. One of my favorite Latin lines is "illigitimi non carborundum" which roughly translates to "Dont Let The Bastards Grind You Down". Don't let the ADL grind you down - they obviously don't care that in this country you have the RIGHT to believe that O is the Antichrist if you want to, and that you have the RIGHT to state such in a public forum. You also have a right to predict that O is leading this country to bloodshed or civil war so long as you aren't threatening anyone. The ADL was way out of line, every single quote was taken out of context, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Morgan Clements - Publisher www.globalincidentmap.com

  4. well im not sure what ADL is really...but as a mtn dwelling nobody i enjoy your freedom of speech i read every blog and enjoy it thoroughly...even if i dont see eye to eye...its important that we all have beliefs...but i say thank u for being brave and stating the truth...or at least the way u and i see it...there is a song that says hold your head up, hold your head up high...we must as a nation start doing more of this...and gourds are so much fun to grow...my rv garden is booming...i hope to have my mtn house soon....peace to you...

  5. You're gonna have to provide a link to the ADL stuff. I didn't see anything on their website. Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Don't know what that ADL thing is, either!!
    Good idea expanding the garden! That's what we did last year (for this year). Can't have too much of a good thing!

  7. Just a thought: you could plant some of the pumpkins and other winter squash in with your corn... will help keep the moisture in the soil and keep out some critters. We do the 3-sisters every possible chance.

    I usually start my pumpkins, winter squash and gourds in peat-pellets. Wonder why yours didn't sprout?

    Vikki at http://vikkisverandah.blogspot.com


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