Monday, April 19, 2010

A Monday in April

Look what's for breakfast! Yes, that is a real wood fire. I am still cooking on the smoker grill, I'm not even close to having the permanent cooking area started, let alone finished. All is well tho, the smoker grill works just fine. It's just not what I had in mind.

Sunday brought a frost with it, I had all the seedlings covered and they seem to be doing fine. the cucumbers don't look as good as I'd like them to but they'll come around. The ducks didn't mind, they were swimming and quacking like usual. They've also wiped out my lettuce and done my carrots about in. I will replant this weekend when I have the screen row covers built. I put a few scrap pieces of chicken wire over the potato tires and it's working well. Even the cats aren't playing on the tires anymore.

I watched a film piece from the History Channel yesterday morning. A friend from APN suggested it to me. I'm glad i watched it, thanks Raven! The film is named "After Armageddon". It is a hypothetical presentation of the fall of society from a global disaster. It is presented on youtube in 9 parts. I loaded a couple at a time so i could watch it without stopping. I found it to be extremely interesting. I also found my own thoughts on the matter of city living vs rural living to be about dead on as far as what is going to happen, etc. Over all, it has spurred me to continue on my journey of living more and more self sustained and increasing the output of this little piece of land.

I started my potato experiment on Sunday as well. I dehydrated 8lbs of potato slices like Scifichick said to do and they turned out great. I managed to fit 7lbs worth of them into a half gallon Ball jar. I'm really excited about it, it looks to be a great way to save my potatoes from the rot I get during the winter. With dehydrating them, i won't lose one single potato! How cool is that? Thanks again Scifi, for showing me the light on the taters.

Well, I'm off to do some tilling and planting......


  1. I sure do like the picture of the ducks swimming all around. Heck, I can almost hear them!

    That food on the grill looks pretty good to me!

  2. Hey, just started reading the blog and really enjoying it. I really admire your balls and the way you chose to live your life :)
    Was wondering though (really hope you won't be offended at my asking!) how do you stop from becoming attatched to your animals?

  3. i like the cozy lil kitten snuggled up and napping nest to your baby veggies...too cute...

  4. Hey HermitJim! Oh yah, I really like the ducks too. I have one setting eggs now in the barn. I so love ducklings! Oh, the cutlets were wonderful!

    Hi Nellie! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment here. Sometimes it is hard to kill something you loved and played with but in the back of your mind, you know right from the start that the critter is food. If I don't butcher it, we don't eat. So, in the end, you pet for that one last time and get over it.

    hey Pandora! LOL, yep, that is Pirate. he's one of the kittens we raised in the house this winter. He got an eye infection and now he has a clouded eye. Doesnt seem to slow him down tho.

  5. Your breakfast has me almost drooling....and the coffee on as well. Sorry about your carrots and lettuce...I suppose its still early enough up there not to be a total loss.
    Glad your taters worked out...It's amazing how much you can get into a jar isn't it? And thanks for the link love!

  6. I've done a bit of dehydrating, but never potatoes. Might have to give that a try although we don't have much trouble keeping ours. Right now our white ones are just like they were when we dug them last fall, but the reds (which we like best) are sprouting like there's no tomorrow. I knew a gal years ago that canned her potatoes. She peeled them, left the small ones whole, and cut up the big ones so they would fit in the canning jars.

  7. Love the info you toss in here! I'm planting potato's for the first time this year..late in researching as we just decided to put them in. One thing I can't find is pinto beans. We have a dehydrator and plan on drying fruit this year. SDorry to hear the critters had a banqet, There is still time to replant thank goodness!

  8. I'm gonna have to try dehydrating the taters. My home built cold cellar got cold enough for them to freeze this last winter!


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