Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here comes the rain

I still have tops on my beans! The row cover is working great! Now all I need is another 20 of them, LOL. While the hubster was sub soiling, discing and tilling for me, I was working on some cheese and eliminating some of the 10 dozen eggs in the fridge. I made a couple home made pound cakes. A simple recipe, just some flour, sugar, baking powder, home churned butter, a dozen eggs with vanilla and almond extracts. They came out much better than the cheese did. Apparently, 3 day old whole milk does not make good cheese. I know, why didn't I make it the day i got the milk? I was busy and making cheese takes up the entire day. sometimes I just can't stand in my kitchen for 6 hours. The cheese ended up in a pile in the barn lot for the chickens to peck on. Darn shame too, I'm out of cheese! Guess I will try again tomorrow.

I've got my rain water catcher sitting under the eave, it's close to full. I dipped some to water the inside seedlings this morning. They just grow so much better with rain water. When this nice spring rain breaks, I will be creating a couple more grow tubs for the cherry tomatoes and the rest of the beefsteaks. They are flowering in the house and need to get outside quick. I simply can not wait until I can build the arbors to transplant them. The way it's looking, it would be at least 3 weeks before I could even consider getting a few supplies. Time to do something else less attractive but just as useful.

So much needs done, I sometimes feel a little lost trying to get so much done at once. I always want to be everywhere at once instead of concentrating on one thing at a time. Ah, it will all get done........


  1. I'm sorry to hear about all the cheese being bad. I know alittle bit of how you feel. I had to pour out a couple gallon of goats milk that I wanted to do something with, but it went bad instead. I still fel bad about it.
    I glad that the row cover works. I might need a few to keep my bad chickens from destroying my garden.

  2. Sometimes it would be nice to be two, huh?

    Just don't forget to take a little break somewhere during the day...just to keep the mind fresh, OK?OK!

  3. Hey girl, those pound cakes look Deliscious!

  4. Can you post the recipe? I am overrun with eggs, too. I live in IL near the Quad Cities and enjoy your blog. My husband has been out of work for over a year.



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