Thursday, April 15, 2010

Growing some Patience

There should be a beat down path around my front garden spot by next week from all the pacing I've been doing. As usual, I get things planted and then pace anxiously for them to sprout. I really need to build some sort of screen set up to protect the seeds from the chickens and the ducks. I planted my taters and my kidney beans and the ducks have dug them both up. I'm pretty sure they got every bean i put out so I restarted the beans inside. 3 days and I have roots sprouted from every bean.

We're expecting a real, full paycheck this week and it better be or hubby won't be going to work next week. We're out of options. We've never been in this spot before, how uncomfortable! But, there's food on the table and everyone is healthy. That's half the battle, isn't it?

I've started to make mini loaves of bread so hubby has an easy way to have his bread in his dinner bucket for underground. I think I like them too!

I didn't want to say anything since I've had such rotten luck lately with them but I've got a new batch of bunnies. 4 days and they're all still alive. I'm afraid to touch them in case the Momma will quit tending them. I haven't had a live batch in a while here, all the new does have let their kits die. I have given up on the one big doe, she got 4 tries and let all of them die so she's slated for the cook pot this weekend. I have another doe on her last chance, she should kindle in another 10 days. So, I have 4 for the cook pot this weekend. 3 male rabbits plus the bad doe. Should be a good stew!

The farm clean up continues... pruning clippings, fallen branches, piled up debris from the winter, things that got thrown down and never picked up..... it's a never ending battle around here. Plus all the every day stuff that blows in off the highway. It always amazes me what people throw out of the car windows while driving. Do they think all that crap just evaporates or what?

This morning is going to be busy, going to cash in the cans we picked up all week so we have fuel money for the last night of work this week for hubby and I need to worm the goats and work more on the old barn that's falling in on me. I'm sure the cans are going to be enough and maybe even a little extra. The horses are 6 weeks overdue for their wormer and they look it. Thankfully I still have some pelleted wormer for the goats. The barn, well, i don't know what to do about it, it's a goner.

Well, I better get to it........


  1. Gosh, your bread looks beautiful!

    You're way ahead of us in the garden. Waiting for seeds to sprout (and verify the fact that I've actually been WORKING out there) is my least favorite stage of gardening. I'm always sure I've killed the little seeds by either planting them too deep . . . or not deep enough. And this is after 40-some years of doing it. (Do I have issues?)

    Thinking about you and your family and hoping things get a lot easier very soon.

  2. i sure enjoying reading your blog...its refreshing to hear stories on real people with real struggles and real happiness...damn US currency...and you guys do so well supporting yourselves isnt it a shame we are still so in need of more...just remember money cant buy you all the things that make you a happy woman...I hope the best for you...although i bet you have learned alot for the future...i sure hope the baby bunnies make it...i would love to see pics...and about the rabbit abit unsure...i guess however it could be snuck on me and i would eat dad did that with bear, wild turkey, frog legs...i grew up very rural in nc...i hated it then, and know am in search of it all my own now...funny huh...ok i hope you smile alot today...peace

  3. I had fried rabbit one time before I knew it was rabbit. Thought, it tastes good, and it sure is a big chicken! Then I found out I was eating bunny. Survived it.

    So glad to hear about the first paycheck. That is terrific news. Sorry to hear about the trash people throw out, but, at least, the cans have helped a tad.

    Continuing to pray things will let up for you real soon. ~Liz

  4. Hey MM, I'm glad to hear that the worst might be behind you. Let's hope so anyway! Funny you mention rabbit stew today...I posted one of my recipes yesterday for Slow Cooker Rabbit Stew. Oh, and stop pacing--- it distracts the little plants!! :D

  5. I forcefully nurse the baby bunnies if I see that the mama is not. That seems to get the maternal hormones flowing making her take care of them better. Give it try if you like, let me know how it works for you.


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