Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The American Community Survey

Oh, is my blood ever boiling right now! I just got a letter in the mail informing me that my address has been "chosen" to participate in the American Community Survey! Yay Rah! My compliance is "required by law". Oh yah? You show me what law????

Where does it say that I must SUBMIT to telling the Census Bureau how long I have owned my home? How many acres of land I own? How much money I make? Which fuel do I use the most of to heat my home? How many separate rooms are in this home??? How many are bedrooms??? What was your last months utility bill for electric? What are all your sources of income, including other incomes?? What was the total income for the enitre household last year??? What was last months gas bill?? WTF? I was just going to put the number of people that reside here on it and send it back but then, the more I thought about it, the more pissed off I became. I am so unbelievely angry right now. Here we are, just struggling to make it back and forth to a job that doesn't pay enough to pay our bills, keep our heads above water with the tax hikes, utility rate hikes, the unGodly cost of fuel to get to work and the prices of everything else that has tripled over the past 18 months, not to mention us making it thru 9 months of unemployment with ZERO state or government help and the Census Bureau thinks it should threaten me to pilfer private information from me? Here's my line, it drawn.


Until I see that law, in writing, the Census Bureau can kiss my Constitution and my ass too while they're at it.


  1. Good for you!! Too much government intrusion in our lives as citizens as it is! What possible use could they have with your information, except maybe selling it?? I agree, I want them to come up with the law and prove they can enforce it!

  2. Come on Kat, tell me how you really feel! You know I don't mind stating how many people live here but the rest is noneya info!

  3. I got the same thing in the mail and i trashed it. Your right they ask for to much private info.

  4. there not gonna get my info so they should save the postage and envelope...and even if i did answer im not sure they would like my answers...but your talking to the chick that wrote nasty notes all over her tax money....i would like to pay in pennies but wow at the trouble for me that would bring...but good job...we must stand for something and privacy is a great place to start....

  5. This survey does seem most invasive, but, yikes, this might be the law that requires response - Title 13 United States Code, Sections 141 and 193). Title 13 as changed by Title 18, imposes a penalty for not responding. The survey is approved by the Office of Management and Budget.

    We gotta get rid of this law!


  6. I'm waiting to see what they say about what my husband put for our "race" - he put "American".

  7. We didn't get "choosen", but if we had, we planned to not respond, just fill in the original. If I understand correctly, the law says you must answer any and all questions deemed nessesary by the government. The fine is $100 to NOT answer, so we were going to happily take the fine. Judge Napolitano said that the fine was actually $100 PER QUESTION not answered!
    This is an invasion of your privacy in my opinion. We need to get the law changed!

  8. It may be a law, but I have never known anyone get in trouble for not filling it out.
    I have never filled one out, ever. In fact, someone came to our home last year and tried to ask me these questions and he didn't get one answer out of me and no one ever came and arrested me for not complying with the law :)
    And I have never been fined either.

  9. i love it so much I shared it with my readers..
    good stuff.

  10. It's almost as though you were singled out....

    Here is an informative link that might be of reference and help:

    Consider the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment prevents individuals from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without "due process of law."

    Believing you are being deprived of your liberty, I hope you will consider taking the time to object to this Survey in a letter to your Congressman.

    My mother (now 79 yrs) received this in the last cycle. She was just as angry. She refused to submit the survey. The Commerce Dept began harassing her on the telephone. I suggested that she contact her Rep. She did and the entire Federal Problem ended.

  11. And brearh I agree with you 110% but if we dont fill these dumb things out we dont get counted. And i'm afraid if were not counted more left wing siut heads will be put in charge . At this point in our nation we can not risk any more we are at a brink for our way of life and standerd of liveing. p.s. i love the photos of your cheese be strong

  12. havent seen anything of our count sheet yet. are you required to answer correctly or just answer something?

  13. Very invasive questions! I got the short census survey and only filled in the number of people here. That's all they need. Looks like a few of your commenters have done only that with the form you got and not had problems. That's what I'd do!!

  14. im not answering that one EITHER.... should i get chosen. Bring it on, Fascist pigs....
    stand strong Kat, you are on solid ground.
    patriot steve...

  15. One thing to consider- who was that *survey* addressed to? The one that came here was addressed to "Resident". Sorry but there ain't no one named that living here.
    Just something to consider.


  16. I just my American Community Survey this week.I agree with you totally I will NOT be answering any questions.One question that really upset me was What time do you leave for work?Why do they need to know that are they planning to rob my house while I'm gone.I plan to send mine back blank with the following letter.The letter will simply state that since the Constitution established a federal government of limited enumerated powers and that document does not grant them the general power to request the information,I am under no constitutional obligation to provide it.Stand up for your rights Americans if our freedom is taken away what do we have left.


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