Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thinking about eating healthy

The last few days, as I keep feeling just a little better every day I drink my Reliv shake, I've been thinking about healthy eating. I eat much healthier than the general population just because I do not buy commercially produced foods. I grow what I eat right here so I know for sure there are no pesticides, steroids, antibiotics or chemicals of any kind in my food. I drink raw milk from the neighbors cows(no rBGH) and soon I will be drinking goat milk. I don't even buy meat from the grocery store and I grow my own wheat.

What about everyone else tho? Can they eat healthier too? Yes they can eat healthy. Your first step should be to not buy milk that has bovine growth hormone in it. It's a Monsanto product and it poses serious health risks even if the commercial dairy industry denies it. Monsanto even went as far as to pressure the FDA and the FTC to "punish" dairies that do NOT use rBGH. rBGH causes cows to have recurrent mastitis which in turn puts puss in the milk they are selling you, rBGH causes the ovaries of those cows to become enlarged and reduces their reproductive abilities. People are drinking that milk without a clue as to what rBGH is doing to them. Of course, nobody is admitting to the harsh truth of such "great" chemical additive since it doubles the milk output..... Thanks Monsanto, we really appreciate it. Just another example of how well "you" are taking care of the world while you're making a dollar........ There is plenty of rBGH free milk out there, Aldis for example, sells rBGH free milk. If you don't know for sure, ask. If they don't know, skip their milk until they do!

What about other foods? What about all the chemicals and additives in other foods? Well, I for one think it's exactly why this country as a whole is obese. The additives commonly put into every food item on the grocery store shelves is why we are sick and why we are fat. Here's a starter article for your reading pleasure.... Chemicals in food Make you Fat....... So, what can we do about it? That's simple! Grow some of our own food. Each of us can grow at least a portion of what we eat, even in an apartment setting.

Learn to preserve what you grow and eat healthy!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea that Aldi carries rBGH free milk. There is an Aldi not too far from me.

    I watched two horror stories about Monsanto last week:

    Very scary stuff! Thanks again!

  2. I noticed in my food --- that for the first time in three months came from a box two days ago --- was over salted and chuck full of spices and horrible flavors it just didn’t need. I had eaten that same box for years and loved it. .. We make our own sausage bread kraut etc etc … What I’ve noticed is that simple and healthy is not only better but tastier. Enough Is a feast! … I think to MM you should mention that making your own... Canning your own… growing your own requires that you work as a team its not hard … but it’s not easy either. When I say team it’s not just you and your husband, it’s you and the family. Not only are you eating better healthier and simpler but you are creating a stronger family ….
    That’s just me though..

  3. Braums milk is also rBGH free, its says it right on the lid.

  4. Hey Tango! Thanks for the video links! Scary stuff isn't it? Monsanto is a great company, eh?

    Mafort! You're right, canning and preserving is a lot of work and it sure is wonderful tho when you can get the whole family to help. I get to do it all by myself, long hours and it gets lonely too. I keep at it because of my dedication to chemical free food. I wish I had help!

    Hi Debbie! Okay, we got Braums and Friendly Farms for rBGH free milk!

  5. well ... if they dont have food .. they will help ? Hunger is a motivtor .. Im just saying

  6. I just got through reading The Unhealthy Truth, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and Healing the New Childhood Epidemics. What an eye-opener!! I was almost sick to my stomache reading what was in our food!
    Our oldest daughter is Autistic and we have now started her on a vitamin program along with organic foods. We have seen huge improvements in her behaviour! Can you believe that food could be a culprit in her symptoms?!? Anyway, we are going to have to make some huge changes in this household to help her. We need to get chemicals out of her system...
    I am sooooo very interested in your wheat growing. Would you tell me how much land you use to grow it? How much you actually grow and what you use to grind it?

  7. Cathy, first, thanks for stopping in! Of course, I'd love to talk to you about the wheat etc, drop me an email at!

  8. Howdy!! I would also like to suggest you all watch The Beautiful Truth...I couldn't find it for free watch on the net, but if anyone has Netflix, it's available on watch now until the 17th. It's about Dr. Gerson . Really interesting..and note to 'Team Hall', I suggest you make sure you don't put mercury fillings in your daughter ever and I would not drink tap water....fluoride and sodium chloride are poisons used by Nazi Germany to control the inmates in concentration camps...self-proclaimed by Hitler!!! Yikes!


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