Friday, March 26, 2010

The Sun is Back!

The rain poured down all day yesterday! What a sloppy mess! I did have a wonderful visit with a man and his son from Mo tho, and they had a pretty good sense of humor over the mud. Even with not much to see but mud and critters, it was a great visit just the same.

This mornings local news stories are a little distracting. Of course, I found one that disappoints me. It's about the rise in allergies the country is seeing. I made it about half way thru the story and dismissed it as pitiful for calling the "causes of this new rise in allergies a mystery". come on guys, you spent all that time in medical school and you didn't think it just possibly could be all the chemicals we are now consuming in our foods??? You never considered the possibility of the chemical flooded, poor nutritional content, shelves full of junk food diet? Even commercial canned corn has chemicals in it now. How can people that are supposed to be so smart be so stupid?

My buddy Don got his picture in the paper. he works for Tractor Supply in a town 25 miles from me. I guess our struggling economic situation has spurred some folks into at least trying to produce some food for themselves. Looks like the chicks and the over priced chicken supplies at TSC are flying off the shelves. That to me is good and bad both. It's good because there's people out there that recognize we have an economic problem and it's bad because now there are a couple hundred novice chicken owners out there bound to do some pretty silly things with those chickens.

I haven't been to town in a couple weeks since we're about broke again so I can't say what the local feed and seed store has been doing in the way of seedling plants and seeds. They sell tons of "Bonnie" brand plants every season. Over priced hybrids mostly but I do like the flowers.

Hubby gets to finally go to work! It's been a long road getting here! It will still be another 2 weeks before the first paycheck and we'll still need to come up with $250 dollars give or take a buck or 2, for his gas money back and forth until the first check. We're pretty excited about it since we still haven't made the land payment for March yet. It's still good news tho!

I've got some cheese in the fridge. I've got 2 pieces of Cheddar, 2 pieces of Colby and 2 pieces of the Caraway Cheddar(tastes like rye bread). The donation is $12 for a gift of some cheese so if you'd like to have some and help us out with fuel money, I'd be happy to send you some.

The seedlings are looking good today. They sure are loving the sunshine and the warm up. It got of cold yesterday and overnight. I worry about that because some of these little buggers don't take the temperature changes so well. All looks good tho and I'm really itching to get the gardens turned over and prepped for planting!


  1. Yep the rain sucks. My garden has standing water and there's been some flooding outside of De Soto. I am anxious to get tilling and gardening.

  2. Congratulations on your hubby getting the job. That is awesome news!!! :)

  3. OH CONGRATS! on the job!! I know you have been more than woried about it. We got your raid Fri PM, poured! Checking the garden to till tomorrow. Replanting seedlings tomorrow. What the dog didn't eat the baby pulled out yesterday...!...*sigh* supprisingly I did find a collection of Organic, heirloon seeds local! Trying a few & we'll see what happens

  4. My birds are doing great... 13 months since i started keeping a backyard flock... and i put 4 of them in the fenced backyard to grub for bugs and entertain my 4 year old, and wouldn't ya know it but i spent 2 hours with a 6 foot stick and a garden hose trying to catch the last girl " sugar " to put her back in the coop... She made a fool out of me! Hope no one was taping me flail around diving and weaving trying to grab that dern bird!! finally got her with a pete rose dive at her against 4 foot of chicken wire strung between the garden and the pool...! Ha, Victory at last!!!!!! Patriot Steve...

  5. Congrats on the job! Wonderful news. Exceptional news. Whew! I was worried for a while. Keep going onward and upward. I made my first cheese. Used the big kit from Leeners. The Mozzarella did not turn out to be the consistency it was supposed to have. But it made GREAT dip for crackers!


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