Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stormy Spring Days

A dandy of a storm rolled in late last night. Some lightning, thunder, wind and a bunch more rain. All day today has been mist to light rain. Sloppy, sloppy, muddy mess here. Even so, the beefsteak tomatoes are growing and just 4 peat pellets didn't sprout a plant.

My little one eyed orange buddy is back to babysitting. I'm really going to hate putting him outside if he ever gets any better. He's still sneezing himself about half to death. At least he's eating a little more.

Not too much else is going on around the farm. We're all just holding our breath, waiting for something good to happen...


  1. The rain seems to be in my neck of the woods now. Rain for the next 3 days. I won't be able to park anywhere near my front door for a while since it's turned into mudsville. :(
    I see green stuff in my baggies :)

  2. just had 2.5 inches of rain this weekend. Delaware River is going to reach flood stage by tomorrow... my canteloupe seed starter peat pellets got some mildew growing on them ( or is it mold?...?) so i sprayed some anti-fungal spray over the top of them. sprouts have not broken through the soil yet, but should any day... will that spray hurt the seedlings or prevent them from sprouting??
    -patriot steve.....

  3. Seems like all we keep getting here the past few weeks is rain too! I have been keeping a close eye at the water across the field from us. The weather guy was saying it was to warm up some. I hope he is right!

    Your seedlings look great. Frustration has set in here as our landlord who said he would plow up the garden spot for us hasn't made it out yet. :(

    I hope something good happens soon for both of us! *hugs*

    Take Care,


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