Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Rains

It poured rain here all day yesterday and been raining on and off so far this morning too. Glad I got all that clean up done last week! I should of taken before and after pictures. Sometimes the farm gets a bit trashed up and when it's clean, it looks so good.

The rain brought a cool snap in with it and the Roma tomatoes didn't like it too much. they seem to be struggling a bit so I started another 2 dozen yesterday just in case. The yellow cherries and the beefsteaks are doing so much better than the Roma this year. I'm also going to start another round of cauli and brocc since the first round did miserable along with the Borage. 2 of the 9 plants I sprouted have made it thru the cold snap, the others turned brown and died. The cucumbers have loved the cooler temps and are growing nicely. Ah, this is the same fight I go thru every spring living in this house trailer. I hate it, seriously despise it. Oh well, you just deal with what you've got and go on. Sooner or later, I'll get it all sprouted and growing.

I've got 3 slices of cheddar cheese and 3 slices of colby cheese if anybody is interested in them. The $12 donation will help us make it back and forth to the Kentucky coal mine office while hubby is getting all the ducks in a row to work in a Kentucky coal mine. Looks like he's got a job lined up if we can make it thru all of the paperwork, fees and daily 300 mile drives to the mining office. Seems like nothing is ever simple for this family.


  1. Getting some of that cooler, plant-disparaging rain in Georgia today. In fact, we a got SNOW SHOWER this morn-- with the temps in the 40's! I'll likely start more tomatoes inside as well, in case the few dozen I put out two days ago wither cool...

    Fortunately, I have more seed... Always add a pack or three whenever I can spare the change...

    Slainte, mmp...

  2. Hey Cygnus! Oh my, snow? That sucks! It has been really nice hre and now this icky, cold rain weather. I dont even have the garden turned over yet, too muddy plus all the new rain. I keep extra seed too just in case! It just always seemed like the smart thing to do, ya know?

  3. The tomatoes sound wonderful. With our altitude, we have hot days and cooooool nights. The tomatoes look pretty on the outside and not quite done on the inside. Frustrates the fire out of me.

    How are people up your way feeling about the "healthcare" vote? Can't imagine what it could mean to farmers.

    Glad to hear your husband has got something working for him now.

  4. So glad to hear about the job! Will you be moving to KY when it's finalized?

  5. Oh my, a 300 mile drive to work? Is that where the job is? Meaning he will be driving that every day, that's so far. I hope that's round trip & not one way!
    Stacey SWPA

  6. Hi Stacey! No, it's not that far to the mine, it's that far to the Kentucly mines and minerals office we've had to continue to go to so we can get a little card that says hubby can coal mine in kentucky. It's actually a PITA and about stupid how much it's cost us for a job he's already gotten that he can't go to because the state of kentucky is so damn slow.......


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