Monday, March 22, 2010

Self Sustained Living-home grown meal

I got this idea from an old Taste of Home magazine. My neighbor gives them to me. It's an egg casserole that originally just had 4 eggs, some half and half, a little bacon and sauteed onion in it with a hash brown crust. I worked it into something made completely from food I grow right here on the farm. I've made it 6 times now, made it different every time and it's good no matter what you put in it. This time, I put some sweet corn, green beans, carrots, onion and a home butchered chicken in it along with some fresh goats milk and cheese I made. I used shredded potatoes I grew for the casserole crust. I just set them in a frying pan and browned them first in a little olive oil. I used 18 eggs, a whole chicken cut up into little chunks, around 3/4 lb of cheese I shredded up, around 2 cups of fresh goats milk and around 2 cups of my vegetables. I simply baked it until firm and everybody seems to like it.

Hows that for eating well with what you grow? Sure beats beans and rice......


  1. Yes the wet weather here sucks. On another topic, I saw on Phelan's website that you are offering cheesemaking classes. How much do you charge? How many people can attend a session?

  2. That's using what you have to make a great meal for those you love. Can't buy that in a pre-packaged box at the store. Great job!

  3. You're amazing!!!! No really, I'm not trying to suck up and have you send me free hat's off to you!


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