Monday, March 15, 2010

Muddy Monday

First thing this morning there were horses standing in the barn lot. We're about to lose the old barn. It has shifted over to the west and is leaning enough that I spent a couple hours moving hay and straw out of it. I blocked off the hole created in the corner from the new lean so the horses will stay put. I still have more straw to go but my stiff back won't let me get it right now. Maybe after a bit of a break I can get back to it.

Here's the new Momma and her pygmy baby, at least the baby's butt anyway. A little pushing and shoving when the 2 nanny's got together, I think they're pals now and getting along.

Should have baby bunnies in about a week! I'm looking forward to that, I love bunnies.

All the seedlings are looking good and my round of sweet pepper seeds are sprouting, finally. I'm going to get another grow shelf built for the kitchen windows and get some beans started sometime this week.


  1. Awwwwwwwww, look at those sweet faces...well and a butt! LOL
    I want a goat...or 20!

  2. Heya, EM- got a "goat question" for you... really, am serious about this...
    Can goats be used as pack animals? Like, are they cooperative enough to people they know? Or are the just fractious little brats going to do only what they want? Do they seem "kind of" intelligent, like a dog, or just dumb as a cow? (Well, put in any animal you want- even a commie lib! other than "cow"... but you get the point.)
    Seems to be more than one question here, ut then, I've never been accused of being a mathemetician. (and can't spelk, either- re: mathmetician.)
    Shy III

  3. Hey Shy! Yes, goats make excellent pack animals. The larger, dairy breeds work best and they can easily pack up to 25% of their body weight. Goats are decently smart and are good companion animals too. Sure footed and loyal as well.

  4. Thanks, EM- how'd you know I was thinking of a dairy breed? :) LOL- was thinking "food under the pack".. LOL, really- I wuz. And being good companions, that's really a plus... now, I'm gonna have to hunt a couple down...
    Thanks, Hon- Bless you.
    Shy III


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