Thursday, March 18, 2010

Farm Work, more babies

We've got new kittens in the house. Purely by accident, Sticky cat, one of last years kittens, pestered to come in by patting the window. I let her in because she's one of my favorites. Normally, it's the "get something to eat" and right back outside.
This time it was get something to eat and sneak off and have kittens. The orange cat is not one of the kittens or the momma cat. He is Shadows last kitten, in the house because he's got some vicious cold that has his eyes swelled up. He decided he would help out and crawled right up to Sticky cat and has been babysitting the kittens ever since.

The cucumber sprouts are about ready to be transplanted into something bigger than a ziploc bag. They are starting to shoot roots out of the peat pellets. After I get a round of caraway cheddar set in the press, I will work on transplanting them today.

I've been working on cleaning up the winter mess around the farm. I spent most of the day yesterday working on it and only managed to get 10 wheelbarrows of firewood moved and half of the chips and bark cleaned up. I did get a bunch of the junk and garbage stuff laying around out there burned tho. It's amazing to me how some people just can not throw things away.

The barn is still standing. It hasn't moved again, yet. I've been measuring it every morning. It's really going to make a mess when it goes. Plus, I hate to lose the storage it gave me. Nothing I can do about it tho.


  1. Do you have kids to help with things around the place? Hope so.

  2. Child labor is a good thing in this case! Your seedlings look great, I'm starting mine tomorrow with the kids. More cats....less mice 8=D

  3. Wow, your cukes are huge!! They look beautiful! That boy cat babysitting the kittens is adorable!

  4. That was such a good idea! Putting the peat pellet starters in baggies. I just use the little greenhouse they come in and diagram where everything is, but I like your way better! Thanks! Vikki at

  5. I'm fascinated by your blog. You really do it all yourselves? I've been trying to go organic and depend more on natural products. Do you use organic bug sprays on your plants at all? I found End All spray. What are your thoughts about using something like this? I like that it’s got the OMRI logo and kills so many different kinds of bugs.
    Here's the spray I'm talking about:


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