Saturday, February 20, 2010

This weeks Cheese winners!

Thanks to you readers that went over to Pioneer Living and signed up, i won the seed giveaway contest sponsored by Seed for Security! So, in celebration, I drew 2 names for this weeks cheese giveawy. The winners are- dicity and Darryl. You two need to email me at and tell me where to send your gift. I also have a 3rd piece of Farmers Cheddar available for anyone that just can't wait to try some. A donation of $16 to offset shipping and that piece is yours.

Looks like I'll be starting some seeds this afternoon, I just can't wait any longer! The spring seed bug has bitten me hard and I must feed it, LOL. Pictures coming soon.......


  1. Congratulations on winning the seed giveaway! How exciting! You're very generous with your cheese, MM. Congrats to the 2 winnters.

    If no one has snagged your farmers cheddar (I think I had farmhouse cheddar the first time. Is this the same thing?), I'd love to have it. Let me know!

    Did you plants those seeds? So jealous!!!!

  2. Hi Gen! Yep, you can have the cheese if you like.

    I started my Roma tomatoes so far. Daughter wanted to start some flower seed so I let her have the counter. I might start some more tomorrow, LOL. Only 20 more varieties of plants to go!

  3. Thanks so much for the drawing, as one of the lucky winners, I can say the cheese is awsome!

    Thanks again!


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