Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Snow?

It's Saturday and we've got another couple inches of snow! What happened to the global warming?? ROFL We all waded out in the mud last night and caught up soaking wet horses. I rearranged around 100 or so square bales of hay so I could get all the ponies in the barn with the goats and chickens. Those cold and wet ponies were happy to see me!

Today was a very nice day even with the slightly icy roads and sloppy barn lot. The college girl played an away basketball game close to home and a new homesteading friend joined me. What a pleasant time we had, I hated to come home.

Looks like the weather for southern Illinois is going to be cold with a possibility of more snow showers Tuesday but warming up a little by next weekend. Right on time for seed starting! I'm thinking I might start some cold crops in containers in the house. Carrots, lettuce, radish, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts all can handle the cooler might temperatures in the house. I will have to set my compost inside for a few days so it warms up enough to work with but I think it's time.....

I've been reading a new book called From Vines to Wines. I picked it up with the intentions of better learning about grape vines and growing them specifically to make a good wine with them. I'm just 3 chapters into it and I have already learned a bunch about making wine! I also learned why the grapes that were here on the farm when we bought this place didn't do so well or why the eating grapes I planted struggled like they did before the lawn mower accident(hubby mowed them). I've always just thought I didn't have the knack for growing fruit trees, bushes and vines but now I realize it's not all me. Whew, I was a little worried. I now know there is much more to growing grapes to make wine than I ever dreamed there was. Also, hey Pete! I know why your home made wine is yucky now! Email inbound, LOL.

Ooops, I didn't do a cheese giveaway post yesterday, i will do one on Monday........

I've got 16 bags of cans crushed with another 3 or 4 needing crushed for recycling on Monday. Boy am I ever glad there's lots of beer drinkers on the back roads around here, LOL. Hope we hear something this coming week from one of the places we've been trying to get work at, keep your fingers and toes crossed and say a prayer or 2......


  1. Glad to know you're all doing well considering the weather and what have you.

    Will drop you email about KPN meet up from Saturday, thanks for your help


  2. We only got about an inch this last storm but the rain has been horrible. Our yard is nothing but water and mud. I hate walking out to get the mail or get into the jeep to go anywhere. Its such a mess.

    DH has been wanting to grow grapes for making wine for years. He has made a few different types but my favorite has to be the watermelon. Its my favorite!

    Praying you find out something on a job soon and for an spring!


  3. If you need some extra seeds for your garden this year, go to they provide free seeds, some localities have places you can pick them up, if there is no place close they will mail you some--no charge!

  4. Hi ! Is anyone able to post a link to a site that has a printable calendar of suggested seed starting dates for all the different vegetable and herbs etc.... for the garden? im in pennsylvania, so im looking specifically for dates relating to planting conditions in northeast pennsylvania... thanks !!


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