Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a Thursday

I've been kind of busy, just a little. I'm almost over this cold, the daughter had a conference game, the sheep got hung plus the bread got baked and I tried out a new recipe.
We've got a little snow/sleet/ice storm headed our way, according to the weatherman, so I have not started any seeds yet. I just hate to start them and have them mold.

Copper the sheep will soon be supper, he's got 2 days on him hanging now and I will finish the butcher on him in the morning. I'm already tasting the Gyros sandwiches, I can hardly wait!

Some of the worst ref work I have ever seen in the jr college basketball season and even tho our girls played the last 6 minutes of the game with just 4 girls (my girl and another fouled out) the team won by 2. The 2 that fouled out were basically cheated out of the game, given fouls they did nothing for, the 2 tallest on the team. Oh well, it's over now anyway.

The new recipe isn't anything special, just a simple chicken caserole with shredded cheese, egg noodles, chicken, mushrooms, peas, onion and cream. It wasn't too bad, the kids liked it. A nice change of pace from the stuff I always make for supper.

Not much else is going on around here, we're still unemployed, no word at all this week from anybody we know. It's frustrating to be "in the dark".

Ah, I have a 1.3lb wheel of colby cheese I will give away for a donation of $22 if anybody would like it.

I will be working on some cheddar for the next cheese giveaway this weekend!


  1. Pigs are easy. Goats are hard. How difficult is raising sheep? We have been doing a lot of Indian cooking and that would be a perfect tender meat in a curry dish.

  2. Kat, I'm glad you're feeling better.

    I enjoy your blog so much. . . . . . Not so sure about eating something with whom I've had a first name acquaintance, but I think I could handle chickens for eggs. The backyard is for fruit and veggies right now. May be able to talk DH into wheat in the front yard as the economy regresses. He used to grow it several farms at a time. He can't imagine it in the yard (except for a green manure crop in the raised beds right now). One step at a time.

    Don't put me in the drawing. Just wanted to say hi! ~Liz

  3. Hey Red! Sheep are kind of like goats. They can't take copper at all, they eat about anything as far as hay. Easy to keep penned up and they're kind of stupid.

  4. Hi Liz! So glad you stopped in! Oh, animals grow so much better if they have a name. They flourish so much more when you give them some love and attention.

  5. Hi
    I have just found your blog and am enjoying reading it so much. I would love to live a more self sustained life as you do. I have grew my own veggies and am in the middle of putting out seeds to grow more. I also make my own shampoo and cleaning things and recycle everything I can. My garden is finally enjoying the compost I have been making for years. Which is a pile at the back of garden. I put everything I can on it, peelings, eggshells, tea bags, grass etc. I rent my place so I think chickens are prob out of the question but this is a dream of mine. For now I will be buying everything local.

  6. Welcome aboard Chatters! local is great! Any time we can not support chemically grown food is awesome.


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