Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Well, here it is, the big double whammy snow storm that dumped all the snow on the east coast and is now the second round to get them. It dumped a big whopping 2" here. What a disappointment. I love snow and all we ever get is a tease here. Sure doesn't look like just a few more days to seed starting, does it? Just 5 more days.....
Thanks to some wonderful people and the Grace of God, all the bills here are paid for this month, Praise God. I am proud to say that our electric bill was just $63 and $25 of it was the monthly "customer"(thievery) charge. Plus of course the $23 in taxes on the phone bill. I'm thinking of disconnecting it when hubby gets a job. Then all we'd have is the farm payment and the small electric bill until we can get comletely solar. What a glorious day that will be!
There's cheese in the press for this weeks cheese giveaway. Gen, my air headed daughter got the mail and left it in the truck, I just got it this morning when I went in there for the snow brush, your cheese will be on the way in the morning! I will be drawing the next winner on Thursday.
The critters are all packed away neatly in the barns, no baby goats yet tho. I am not exactly sure when the babies are due since these are my first round. I am excited about their arrival tho, I hope there's more than one!


  1. LOL...the second round of snow started here about an hour ago.
    Congratulations on getting your bills paid!! That's awesome. :)

  2. So glad the bills are paid!!!! I'm sure it feels like 10 tons ar off your back! We got 8inches, and anothr 2 thru the day..flurries should be going all night. Cold as all get out!

  3. im in northeast pennsylvania and have 4 on the ground so far and its coming down like crazy.... expecting 12 to 14 here... Its Feb after all... Remember when weather wasn't the "news"...?
    patriot steve

  4. We got tons of snow up here in N'ern IL. Glad I have tall barn boots to take care of the chicks as the snow was almost up that high! Glad for the bills being paid! You guys are lucky to have such a nice small electric bill! Glad you found the check! I'm eagerly awaiting my yummy cheese!!


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