Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got Sprouts?

This morning was a pleasant one, the Borage and the cucumbers are sprouted. I have some Romas looking like they're going to go any second now as well. I need them to sprout so I can move them off and put new seeds in their place!

I'm feeling pretty good now, I've been drinking the Reliv shakes and I'm sleeping all the way thru the night now without waking up! That hasn't happened since 2002 so I'm pretty happy about that. Reliv is a complete nutritional powder and I'm pretty glad I tried it! Even with eating as well as I do, it's amazing how much nutrient/vitamin combinations I was still missing. I even have more energy.

The baby goats are doing well. They are so darn cute. Skeeter has starting climbing and Oreo is doing the bounce and hop today. I'm looking forward to the mud drying up so I can turn them out in the paddock.

Not much else going on around here, got some garlic cheddar in the press and some Ziti in the oven........


  1. Sprouts in baggies? Is that what I'm seeing? What a neat idea. . . . . . Glad you are feeling better, Liz

  2. Hey Lizbeth! Yep, the baggies work like mini greenhouses!

  3. I like your blog and come to it often. I am actually going to start a blog soon...I find it neat about your cheese givaways...I see people win the on other blogs I visit. I was interested in the reliv you are taking and I did some research. I found a site called

    I was reading it and though you might want to check it out. Let me know if you have any side effects, as I am interested in trying it myself.
    thanks again fer the blog

    Jeff the Fezz

  4. Jeff, I have seen a couple of those same types of sites and I know several people that have been using Reliv for more than 1 1/2 years and it has helped them, not hurt them. I can hook you up with a dozen people that have been using Reliv for more than 8 years and have serious benefits from using these products. I know as a personal fact that it has already helped me. Thanks tho, I appreciate your comment, thank you for stopping in!

  5. MM.,
    I've beeen supplimenting with A raw B complex, an herbal concentrate called Maca( deals with hormonal issues for both women and men) and I was severly lacking in Magnesium, so am taking a suppliment for that as well as enhancing calcium absorbsion.
    I've only been taking these for two weeks and already feel a 50% improvement and each day is better. I too hadn't been sleeping well and with the magnesium I'm sleeping through the night now( don't even wake up for the typical pee break *wink*, but have ro race to the bathroom at 5am!)
    We eat well too, but sometimes when your body is changing you NEED more.

    Glad your seeds are sprouting, we just finished planting our slow germinating seeds, will plant the remainder in a week.

    Blessings for your weekend,

  6. What are Reliv shakes Kat? Can I buy it here in the UK? I have problems with slepping too. Well, it's now 2am, our time now!


  7. Great blog. I grow anis hyssope and the seed sprouts are great from them. Stop by my blog some time you might like it.

  8. What is your secret to get your seeds to sprout so easily. I've tried many ways in the past without success and have had to rely on transplants (too costly). Would love to try some things that I can only find in seed packets. I think I need a heat source of some kind to help them out.


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