Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting on with it

Here's my response to the overly intellegent people of Cambridge, MA, home of Harvard U who think "meatless Mondays" will combat global warming.... how can someone be so smart and so STUPID all in the same second??? They're proposals are all in line with creating some srious wealth for the county and doing very little to nothing for our real climate troubles. Hmmmm, let me think back to high school Earth Science, you know, the class that Al Gore slept thru? Complete lack of solar sun spot activity, the worlds population tripled in the last 50 years and we think eating meat and plastic grocery bags need taxed???? How will this fix our problem?
Folks, resist the urge to fall in with all these morons, they don't have a clue what they are talking about. These are the same people we trust to ensure of food supply is "safe", our drinking water is pure and our Constitution is upheld. Boy, did we ever screw up!
You really want to do something about climate change? Plant a few fruit trees and plant a garden. The trees absorb carbon dioxide and will feed you and of course, the garden will do the same. Recycle everything you can, don't run around in your car every day doing little chores you could easily wait on to do several at a time. Get rid of those gas guzzling SUVS and find a vehicle to fit your needs that gets decent fuel mileage. Stop thinking consumeristic and stop wasting and you'll be doing more than your share of "global climate change" control.
As for me, I'll keep baking my bread, canning my vegetables and eating my meat.


  1. You got it, Kat!


  2. How about those East Anglia Climate Research Unit e-mails admitting that Al Gore's hockey stick graph is manipulated data and utterly fake?

    The time for debate is over. Global warming is scam for money and liberal power.

  3. "Kat for Governor of Illinois" !! Go Kat Go!!
    patriot steve

  4. Ah...remember common sense died a long time ago.

    Well said.

    See Ya

  5. Did it my way is 100+ correct, it seems nobody( slim minority anyway) has common sense. It's all what someone else has told them or what they've read in a book, they literally can NOT think for themselves, let alone outside the box, heaven forbid!

    Global warming is plain and simple a tax base, in which people such a Gore and others intend to make a killing. Well, we're going to continue to eat beef, garden and drive to the city one in a blue moon and if they think they're going to tax us, they're going to get something they won't like so much*wink*
    Blessings for your week MM,

  6. Hi. I have a lot of respect for how you're living and that you're going the extra mile by sharing your knowledge and experiences here.

    We do some of what you're doing, having simplified, downsized, and gotten out of the rat race. We grow a lot of our own food, including vegetables, eggs and meat (and soon, goat milk! and soap, cheese, butter ...).

    I'd just like to point out that there is no comparison between the benefits that your small-scale livestock production can have for your land, and the harm that industrial-scale livestock production causes for the environment. There is no comparison between the meat you consume and the meat that the huge majority of people consume. This "Meatless Monday" idea is an attempt to reduce that type of meat consumption and production, and therefore reduce the negative effects that these huge feedlot operations have on our ground water, air quality, and food quality.

    Lisa, Alamogordo, NM

  7. Hi Lisa! Thank you for stopping in and sharing. I understand what you're saying, I do. I just can't get past the Berkley student mentality tho. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's an excerpt-"to all you hunters who kill animals for food; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed." Any time some public office suggests not eating meat, I think of that quote and it just rubs me wrong. Going vegan isn't going to save the environment, it's just causing small farmers to go under from auction prices going down.


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