Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Monday

It snowed all day and all night and here it is, a beautiful snowy Monday morning. I'm nursing a dandy head cold we all seemed to pick up on Friday. It's sweet, comes with cold chills and a seriously runny nose. What a joy it's been.
I started a new nutritional supplement Saturday, it's called Reliv. It's a complete nutritional powder mix, quickly absorbed into your system. Hard to tell yet with this cold how well it's working but I already know I have more energy. I can hardly wait to get over this cold, I know I'm going to like Reliv. My Mom and Dad have been using these products for quite a while now and I have noticed a big difference in not only the way they look, but they're whole health. I was so impressed, I became and independent distributor for Reliv. Check out their whole video description, it's the changing logo in the middle of the page that says "learn more".
I have decided it's not a very good idea to make cheese while I'm sick with this cold. I've also geared down the daily cooking, no sense in spreading any more germs, LOL. There's plenty to eat in the house tho. I've been bundled up on the couch, reading the new issues of Grit and Mother Earth news. I've also done a little daydreaming about the coming garden. I always end up with a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do and where I'm going to plant what by the time I start my seeds. I did actually pull all the seeds out and go thru them. I haven't actually started any since I knew this snow was coming. Also, we've lost the thermostat control on the fireplace, it quit working Thursday night. The replacement part is $168! Guess we'll just have to adapt and overcome, that sure isn't in the budget. I haven't quite got it lined out to keep a decently regular temperature in the house so no sense starting seeds right now if they might mold from a cold draft. In our 10 day forecast, it's calling for snow on 4 days. This is one weird winter!
No baby goat yet but we're on the baby watch. She could go any day now. I'm so excited, LOL.
Chickens are back to laying but it's been so darn cold that the eggs are freezing and cracking pretty quick. It's been unusually cold here all winter. So much for global warming, more like global ice age!


  1. Oh NO! MM, you just don't understand global warming all of this frigid temps and snow across 49 states is part of the Global Warming, LOL!!!!

    Say is your heat a fireplace or a wood stove? Why not use a fan to move the air around your house. We do this to move the heat from the kitchen into the livingroom, where we have a ceiling fan that circulates it. Our bedroom is cooler, but we prefer it that way.

    Our hens were just picking up to 11 eggs one day and then we get grey, snow and cold again, so.... yesterday 6 eggs, well it's better than none*sigh*

  2. Hey Kelle! Ah, I hear ya on the fan, it's not the heat I'm haivng troubel wtih, that thermostat turned it on and off for me so I didn't have to. Now, without it, i have to hand control it, LOL. Not a big thing, just used to not having to mess with it. We're plenty warm enough, as long as I'm paying attention.

    Yep, the "grey" does it here too. this is one wild winter eh?

  3. Sure hope you are feeling better this evening!


  4. Whew! I hear ya about dreaming of spring! I'm so ready for it! Almost started seeds but decied to wait anoher week....have you ever usd tires to grow your potato's?

  5. Hey lizbeth! I am actually, I doubled up on those Reliv products, the Classic and the Innergize, and I DO actually feel much better. I'm almost over this cold thing while hubby is still in the cold chills stage. He won't try the stuff. I keep trying to tell him it's just a powder form of complete vitamins and minerals.

    Hey Katidids!
    Oh is it hard to not start em! I so want to get some going but I hate to watch them mold. Yes, I have grown taters in tires before, it works okay. It works better if you flip the tires inside out.


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