Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Snow Day

I woke up this morning to snow flurries and a light dusting on the ground. It was all gone by 11am, still a little bit cold tho. Skeeter and Oreo had a romp around the barn while I did chores. The chickens are finally laying again like they should.
I got my Roma tomato seeds started and it looks like I should have sprouts by tomorrow. I also started my broccoli, cauliflower, celery, borage and the Chocolate Beauty peppers. I may start the brussel sprouts and more peppers today or tomorrow.
I'm ready for spring! I'm resisting the urge to start lining up my canning jars, a long way to go still before I'm ready to start canning. I just get so excited tho!
All the critters are doing well and I have 3 rabbits bread for late March kits. I hope to have the chicken house finished in time for spring hatching. I hate to lose any chicks to the barn cats this year since my flock is so depleted. I have finally run out of roosters to eat! Should have deer hunted in the freezing cold. Oh well, we won't starve, LOL.


  1. Chocolate Beauty peppers are wonderful. I grew some last year for the first time. I should have planted triple what I planted!

  2. Hi Lamb! Oh yes, they always do well here. I love my peppers, I put out a dozen of every variety!

  3. Just stopping by to say hi! The goats are precious. Showed them to DH. His uncle used to keep goats. The nieces and nephews thought his place was the coolest place to play.

    We got two inches of snow, but it's melting off today. ~Liz

  4. MM,
    Cute goat babies! Mkae the mud and rain in Spring worth while*wink*

    What do you mean byt start canning, you mean you actually stop?, LOL! I'm going to can some veggie soup and small potatoes maybe on Friday. Right now I'm dehydrating garlic and making garlic oil. May try pickling some too!

    Blessings and I'm waiting for Spring too!

  5. Oh! seeds started! maybe tomorrow, I need to get mine going. Your babies are so cute!

  6. Hi Lizbeth! Yah, ours melted off and I'm glad of it. I'm tired of winter, LOL.

    LOL Kelle! Yes, I do actually run out of fresh produce to can. Since I don't purchase any store bought food, I get a bit of a winter break! Gets kind of boring sometimes with only bread baking and such going on, LOL.

    Hello Katidids! You better get going on those seeds! hahaha I have another 100 or so to start myself. I'm hoping at least the Romas will sprout so I have some room for other things ;).

  7. So glad you're getting eggs again! Doesn't God just make a beautiful rainbow of colors when they're gathered together?

    I'm waiting until next week to start seeds. I'll be getting my 'stuff' together this weekend so I'll be all ready to start!! Yee-Haa!

  8. Kat, might not be getting much snow but here in the Mitten we've had over two feet in just about two weeks and more on the way. Folks had started talking about how mild this winter was...then WHAM! Oh is Michigan and it is February!

    Hoping to get our seeds started soon - but may still be a few weeks away as we get settled and unpacked after the big move.....not sure where, or how, the garden will be done this year. Not much direct sunlight nor land to work with.

    Thinking about getting the big containers and pots out on the small trailer so we can move it around through the week for more sun on some days. Don't want to tear up too much land as we're renting right now.

    Still praying for employment....we need it here too!

    The eggs look great...certainly can't beat "homegrown"! Be blessed,
    MamaBear in the Mitten


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