Saturday, January 23, 2010

Total Chaos-graphic photo

Well, this whole day ended up something I hadn't planned on. Before I even had my first cup of coffee it was already getting to be a dandy day.
One of the cows we've been keeping an eye on found it's way into the pond and had gotten stuck in the mud sometime overnight. It took half the day to get him pulled out but we finally got him. The poor little feller just wasn't doing so good. We gave him a few more hours with no signs of improvement and put him down. So, now we have cow on the menu. So much for getting Copper the sheep butchered this weekend!
So, by the time we got him put down, loaded up and home, it's almost dark. Then, get him jockeyed around and hung up and I sent my son in the house to retrieve my camera. He got tangled up in our tomcat, fell down and broke the camera wide open. I sent him back in to mess with it, thinking it was pretty much destroyed and by the time we got the little feller gutted, in the dark by the way, here he comes with a working camera. Now the cow is hanging to cool overnight and we'll work more on him tomorrow.
What a day! I still managed to get all cleaned up and cook some fried chicken, stuffing with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn for supper. Thankfully I already had some bread. whew, I need a nap!


  1. Looks like you had a full day. Never a dull moment, eh? Glad to hear that the camera is okay....after all how would we learn stuff without your pictures. :)

  2. I think Cooper pushed him into the pond... Where your ears burning last night? DH and I were in Carbondale and we were talking about you. It was all good of course. :)

  3. Hey Tango! Oh, I know it! I have not having a picture to post and it's not like I can go out and get another camera. Glad he got it put back together too! Sometimes that boy is pretty handy.

    Debbie! Wish I woulda known, you coulda stopped in for coffee and some pie! It's muddy here but the house is clean, LOL.

  4. I hope he was one that you were planning on butchering anyway! So glad your so got the camera fixed! Whew! Love those kids that earn their keep at times!! lol

  5. My neck is too sore to stare at the monitor and plow through your archives very soon. But if you don't mind my asking, did you grow up doing this sort of thing or are these skills recently acquired? Have you ever thought of writing an eBook?

  6. Hey Gen! Good to see ya!

    Lizbeth, I grew up in chicago. I learned all this on my own, the hard way. A whole seires of posts for that story, ;).

  7. Maybe one of these weekends we can plan a visit if you aren't too busy.

    Was telling DH about your growing your own coffee, etc. He is really interested in all that. We were hoping to get our garden area plowed by the landlord before he had knee surgery so we don't know if we will be able to have a regular garden this spring. I hate the thought of no fresh veggies. Oh well... I know I will have plenty of asparagus. The patch here puts out more than we can use.

    Hope you have a great Monday!

  8. Well I sure won't be asking what your plans are for tomorrow! Hope you have plenty of freezer paper handy! I ddn't get to the post office today but I will tomorrow. We had snow flurries all day with more due tomrrow so you should be seeing it tomorrow afternoon. At least its not high summer and having to butcher! Sorry for the loss but happy your able to salvage the meat!

  9. Yah, was a busy day no doubt. Look on Wednesday for the package. It's not gone from here yet, sorry but I missed Saturday because of the stuck cow and hubby had jeep all day on me looking for work. No classes for daughter tomorrow so I'll have the truck!


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