Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow, Again?

Well, can you believe this? It warmed up a little bit and it's snowing great big snowflakes. I tried to catch them with the camera and a couple showed in the picture but not like I'd hoped. Great big huge flakes just floating down like feathers. I enjoy this kind of snow. According to the weatherman, it's going to be in the 40s this weekend. Boy am I happy to hear that! I'm sure the animals are happy too. The poor goats haven't seen the outside of the barn in a couple of weeks and the chickens are still in a huff over the snow on the ground. I had to butcher 4 hens yesterday, they had freeze injuries on their legs and were unable to get around. We had fried chicken for supper with some fried potatoes. This cold snap is showing up in the make shift root cellar as well. The onions and potatoes took a beating from the extreme cold and I cooked some last night that would have been ruined when it warms up. More incentive to get the real root cellar done come spring!

The spot where my tooth was is looking good today and it's not hurting very badly. I'm so excited, I got to eat breakfast this morning! I keep telling myself to slow down so I don't gain weight, LOL. Food is good tho, I hadn't realized how much I missed it!

Just 4 and a half weeks to go before I can think about starting seeds. I'm really dying to pull them all out and spread them over the kitchen table. I so love starting seeds, I get to dreaming about the garden, the fresh veges and the harvest. Always such a hopeful time of the year.

I'm a little on pins and needles today, we should hear something about hubby going back to work today around 3pm. I hope when the call comes in, it's to get him straight to his physical. Say a little prayer today for him, he needs the boost of faith.

Not much else going on around the farm today, it's still too cold to be doing much outside but the daily chores. I am going to try a new recipe or 2 I've picked up the last few days. One of them is a bread/dinner roll/doughnut recipe I got from my friends over at Pioneer Living. If you haven't checked their website out yet, you should. some really great people over there! The link is on the sidebar.

Time to work on whipping up some bread......


  1. Will do, adding you and yours to our prayer journal!
    Glad to hear your mouth feels better too!

    How cold has it been there? It's been down to -45F with windchill here and while I do see one rooster with some freezer burn on his comb everyone else faired well.

    We're praying for a break for this coming weekend, we NEED to butcher pigs, then we let them hang for a week( to age a bit) and will process them the next weekend. I can't wait for fresh sausage( we've been out for over a month*sigh*) These two we've let get heavier, in hopes the gilt will have loas of fat for rendering, the barrows typically don't have as much fat and we NEED it as we're down to our last qt jar and it's half gone!

    Glad to hear things are looking up for your Dh and the job situation.

    Take care and HUGS,
    Kelle (aka Homesteader on PL)

  2. Hey Kelle! It's not been that cold, just -8 with the windchill. that's plenty cold enough for me tho! Oh, I so hear ya on the fresh sausage. I've been procrastinating butchering my pet sheep. Oh, we're so trying to keep the faith, I know everything is going to get better soon!

  3. Tooth pain is the worst! Glad to hear your feeling beter. I picked up arecipe book on amazon hat is all pioneer recipes, they should fun!

  4. Howdy, Glad to hear your tooth pain is better. You are one tough gal pulling that bugger out!! We've found the best toothpain relief is provided by a product by Boiron - for teething babies! Believe it or not we've used it for two big guys in our family and they RAVE about it!

    Will absolutely keep you and hubby in my prayers. Believe me, I understand completely, what you're going through. Keep the faith and now God is an on-time God. Remember, don't tell God how big your problems are - tell your problems how big your God is!

    Hang in there...glad you have a lead on milk. I've been waiting to have the time and materials to make cheese. Am hoping we can make the cheese press per your instructions on your post. I figure it will take a few tries, or maybe several, BUT we can no longer afford the $6 a pound we're paying for cheese made by our local raw milk farm!

    Praying for everyone; may your days be brighter, your worries be removed & grace & mercy overflow you & all you love! Sending encouragement & blessed wishes to you. Us self-reliant gals have to stick together!

    MaMaBear in the Mitten

  5. Praying for hubby!!! I love the big, fluffy flakes too! They way they come down so slowly. We're supposed to be warming up to the mid-30's this weej! Maybe some of our snow will melt!


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