Friday, January 22, 2010

More on Bread making

Wow, I sure did not expect so many people to be interested in my bread making! I'd like to get a little more in depth on it since it you all want to know more about it. First off, I leave me ground wheat in a food grade bucket in the kitchen plus keep some to work with in a small plastic container on the counter. I grind up a couple weeks worth of wheat at a time and have never had it go racid on me, even in the dead of summer. The majority of what's ground up for flour is the hearts or wheat germ. I sift off a great deal of the high fiber outer hull part of the wheat and feed the chickens with it. if I leave that part in my flour mix, I end up with a dense and much flatter bread. Plus, it's easier to get the family into eating it if it's a lighter, fluffier loaf. Whole wheat is great but it just doesn't rise up like the sifted flour does and sure doesn't rise even close to as nice.

If I had a higher quality of wheat at my disposal, I could probably leave more of the hulls in and still get the rise and fluffiness to the bread but I have more soft red wheat than I do hard white wheat.

The recipe is a super simple one, I got it from the Hillbilly Housewife site(listed on my sidebar) actually. It just works so well with home ground flour that it became my every day bread recipe. I actually use several different recipes here but the Hillbilly Housewife recipe is my quick, go-to recipe because it always comes out well, even in a rush.
I prefer the glass over metal pans. for some reason that I can not explain, it just seems to me that the bread rising and baking in the glass comes out better than it does in metal loaf pans. I actually scoured flea markets and garage sales to find those 2 glass pans. I also have a couple of glass round ones I use that I like very much. They are small round caserole dishes. Also, the glass dishes clean up much easier than metal pans do and I never have a sticking problem with the glass. See how beautifully the bread rises in the glass baking dish? I just don't seem to get results like that using metal.
I'm making cheese today and will make a post later this evening for the farms first cheese giveaway. More soon.......


  1. It's always nice to read your posts and see that you're keeping at it even in the face of the hard times you've been experiencing. Keep hanging in there!

    You're bread looks good.

    Hey, if you need help with Copper, I'd love to help. I love lamb! You're just a little further away than local. . .

  2. Hey dp! Oh, I know it, baking is the one sunshine I got left. I know it's gonna turn out good every time. We're doing all we can here, picking up cans, odd jobs, everything we can think of.
    LOL, come on down! Copper is gonna get it this weekend, the weather is turning cold again. I see a big batch of Gyros in my near future, yum!

  3. If it wasn't so far, I would come on over. Y'know, I spent most of my younger years a little north of you in Shelby County near the small town of Windsor. My grandparents lived in Moultrie County -- that's where my dad grew up (rural Gays). I also lived and worked in Bloomington, IL for a few years. So, I have roots in IL.

  4. Thanks for sharing more about the bread. Sue Gregg likes the glass pans, too.


  5. Forget the bread.... I WANT A COOKIE!!

  6. The bread (and cookies) look yummy! There's NOTHING like fresh, homemade bread slathered with butter or homemade jam! Mmmmm!

    I love using my glas baking dishes, but I never thought about it for bread pans. That's a great idea! I do have one stone pan from Pampered Chef, but I have to confess that the feel of it creeps me out! It hasn't developed that nice finish that the pizza stone does. I'll have to hit the thrift stores looking for glass!

  7. From the pics it looks like you have a glass top stove. Do you pressure can or boiling water bath can on it? Just wondering as I have heard you arent suppose to on glass tops and we got one free when our old one kicked out.

  8. Hello Stephanie! Yes, I do can on mine plus I make 2, 5 gallon batches of cheese at a time on it. It's more than a year old and still works just fine. It's a Frigidaire.


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