Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Praise the Lord, looks like we'll have something in the next few days! Hubby talked to the contractor guy who thinks he can place him somewhere temporary by next week and a guy from the mine hubby wants to go to just called the house and said the whole mine is buzzing about him coming to work there very soon. Whew, I knew the Lord was listening! I've been thinking all morning on how I was going to get all it all done if I had to find work away from the farm.

So, here's what I've been up to while all the excitement was going on around here with hubby. I got the Colby cheese going and it's in the press right now. While I was working on the cheese, i whipped up some biscuits for sandwiches during the day. I've got some pan fried pork sausage left over from breakfast and my son likes to munch on it thru the day. So, he can have a snack while he's doing his schoolwork.

Now, what kind of trouble can I get into for tomorrow????


  1. Amen my friend, glad to see that the power of prayer is still as powerful today as it has been since the begining. Nice biscuits.
    We can personally say prayer works. S&J

  2. Hey Jim! Thanks for stopping in! Yes, prayer sure does work and we're doing all we can to meet God half way!

  3. PTL! MM, we've been praying as well. Of course we'll keep'em going as well*wink* God is good!

    Hey we love buttermilk biscuits and I do the same, make a big batch and they are used through out several days. My favorite is right out of the oven, spread on some homemade butter and honey and let it sink in, Ummm, Ummm good!

    You cheese looks wonderful, I never had much success making hard cheese but am going to give it a shot again after Addy freshen end of April.

    Glad things are looking up for all of you, times are getting tougher and tougher and so many are having trouble making ends meet, PTL we are as sufficient as we are.

  4. Hey Kelle! Good to see you! Gimme an email and I'll walk ya thru the cheese making! thanks for the prayers!

  5. That is great news!!!! So glad to read this post. :)

  6. Hey Tango! It is, isn't it? We're still anxious while we wait, but looks like it'll be a short wait. Life sure is hard to take every day when things aren't going good. I'm readdy for it to get better!

  7. I said a prayer for you last night and I just knew the good Lord heard me. That's great news!
    How can I get 4 bars of soap? I don't have a paypal account. I would be happy to send you a check first then you send me the soap. Is there any additional charges for shipping or is it 14.00 even?
    Stacey SWPA

  8. Awesome news! And OMG AWESOME BISCUITS TOO!

  9. Praising God and thanking Him! He is so faithful to provide!! :)


  10. Hey Stacey, just email me,
    Thanks for stopping in and I'd be pleased to send you some soap, shipping is included.

    LOL Scifi, they're all eaten now! Gonna have to make some more now...

    Anne, oh yes, Praise the Lord! God is good...

  11. Yeah! PTL, MM! So glad that things are looking up. God is good! Those biscuits look so yummy! I'm so excited to hear that you have milk for cheese making. Let us know when you have some available for sale; I sure enjoyed it last time I got it!

  12. Fantastic! So happy for you and your family!


  13. YAY *doing a little dance in my chair*!!! Your biscuits look good 'n yummy...mine don't puff up quite that good...maybe you just roll yours thicker...I should do that next time. I am so very happy that things are looking up for ya'll!

  14. Good morning Sunshyneshanny! Thanks for stopping in! Yep, I do roll mine out kind of thick, we like to make sausage gravy for them. I'm hoping the physical appt call comes before the end of the week! Keep your fingers crossed!


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