Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I got to fiddling around today and ended up grinding a half a barrel of feed for the chickens. While I was doing that, half paying attention and reading Mother Earth magazine, a mouse ran across my hand! So, I spent the rest of the grinding time vaccuming in the grinding room and cleaning up the mess I found from a couple evil little mice. It seems, they found themselves a nice home in the futon mattress I had folded up under the work bench. they chewed half the stuffing out of it and generally made a mouse mess. There's a cat in the grinding room now. Hopefully the cat will catch the mice right away and leave the chick in the brooder tank alone.

It's been very cold here, the ground is pretty hard and the horse paddock is a lumpy mess. the old mare has been in the barn for more than a week and my paint mare just went in tonite. The little paint mare has been acting a little peculiar so in the barn she goes. Can't have her sick on me out in the rough, cold paddock. Plus, inside, I can keep an eye on how much she's eating and drinking. That will help me to know if she's really sick or just moody.

Not much else has been going on around the farm, just the every day cooking and bread baking. Too cold to get much done outside and no work yet. We thought we had a cattle sorting job this weekend, it would have given us a little more fuel money. The man did not feel well so the cattle sorting job got postponed until later this coming week. That's alright tho, it just gives me more time to bake a pie or some cookies!


  1. We've had a horrible mouse problem hs year worse than can ever remember....we fouind the cause yesterdy. A bag of cracked corn still in the basement (from when we had ducks)they we living large on and making a HORRILE mess.

  2. ....and what do you sort cattle for?

  3. Hey MM. Saw my first brown rat where we live now. They're expected as we're living on the river at the moment and there's a few about.

    What are you grinding up to feed the chickens?


  4. Hey Badger! Back when I had a whole herd of hogs here, we had those big brown rats too. Thankfully, I have a lady cat that can kill those buggers and she saved they day.

    The chickens get a combination of corn, wheat, soybeans, oats and barley. All rough ground plus they get kitchen scraps and I save my eggshells to be ground into the feed for calcium. In the summer they get gresh garden stuff too.

  5. Hey MM...What kind of grinder do you use? I am going to try to grow enough corn to store for our chickens and will need something other than my tiny grinder I have put away for grinding wheat for bread. Scratch has gotten so high here, while a 50lb bag of corn is more reasonable but it is whole corn.

  6. Hey MammaBear, I use a Diamant grinder. I bought it from lehmans several years ago(before the price went up so much).


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