Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hard Work and Worry

We're still waiting on the work call. It was supposed to be Monday evening but the coal company CEO seems to be ducking us now, not answering his phone. Now it's Wednesday, no one is answering their phones and the hubby has do get off that and get on to working something else out. Very disappointing and very frustrating. Just when we thought things were finally going to go our way. If he doesn't find anything, I'll be headed down to the temp office in the morning to see if there's anything for me out there. I don't see any other choice right now, the farm will go to pieces with me having to be gone working for minimum wage somewhere but I don't see much other choice right now. Please, if you pray, say one for me, I would appreciate it greatly.
Yep, that's a picture of some cheese! I've worked out a tentative deal with another local farmer with milk cows. It's a straight up trade, the milk for some cheese from each batch. There's a batch of Colby on the stove right now. So, if nothing else, I'll at least have some cheese.
Whew, it's finally warmed up slightly! I ground feed and flour last night and didn't shiver the whole time. I ground up a 3 gallon bucket of wheat for making bread. I still have some but the new ground wheat needs that "maturing" time to make a good, fluffy loaf so I try to keep ahead of my usage by 3 weeks as much as I can.
Not much else is happening here, I'm still trying to keep good self control over seed starting. It'll be hard tonight since the new Seed Savers Catalog just showed up in the mail. I so love that seed catalog, it's full of variety with excellent descriptions of performance and usage.
The dinger just dinged, off to work on the cheese!


  1. Hi--Just found your blog last night and stayed up late reading the archives, and I have spent a lot of today reading and not getting much else done! lol Just wanted to thank you for posting so much useful info on here. We just moved to IL about two months ago when my husband got a job here after being out of work for six months, and we are north of you as far as I can figure out. We are renting and I am hoping to figure out how to plant some food plants such as tomatoes in containers this spring. It seems to be really shaded where we are living so we will have to see if that will work. I am praying jobs and financial blessings will come your way. I am new at searching out blogs and posting comments so I hope this will post. Hang in there...Leslie

  2. Welcome Leslie! shoot me an email sometime, mmpaints@yahoo and we'll talk it up! I got lots of cool ways to grow stuff in small spaces! Glad to have you here!

  3. Just saw the good news on your more recent post.

    When you have the time, would you tell a little more about "maturing" your wheat flour. That's new to me. I've only heard about using it up within 48 hours to keep the vitamin content as high as possible (though, for the life of me, I don't see how the vitamins survive the heat of baking anyway). I just keep my flour in the frig and try to use it inside a week. I like hard white milled with a little barley and buckwheat for bread.

    Learning one day at a time, Liz

  4. Hey Liz! Thanks for stopping in and your kind words. You are using the highest quality wheat there is, hard white, good for you! You could add soft white or red in, it will do what the barley and buckwheat does. I'll work up a post on why wheat should "mature".


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