Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everythings Foggy

I'ts really foggy today. The air is warmer than the ground with our mini heat wave. Never fear, it's supposed to snow in a couple days. Todays weather does a good job to reflect the mood in our house as we're still waiting on the call to go to work. We haven't heard from any of the guys we know working out there so we haven't a clue what's going on or how much longer we have to wait now. Kind of a let down from this past weekend when everybody was calling all excited. Wish we at least knew what was going on.

Thought you all would like to see what's going on around the farm.

Everything here is gloomy looking with the mud and grey of winter. The driveway is a swamp along with the yard and barn lot. Everywhere you walk, you squish. I hate this time fo year. It's been kind of tough for me to resist the urge to get seeds started, LOL, I know, I keep saying that, but it really is hard. Seed starting is like a new beginning for me every spring and I am so very ready for a new beginning.
As you can see, I haven't butchered Copper the sheep yet. He's doomed tho, we're planning to butcher him in the next couple of days. I will shear him after I hang him up and save the wool to use learning how to spin fibers.

Old Johnyboy looks pretty comfy laying there, doesn't he? Molly is looking pretty good as well, I'm hoping the kid she's growing will be big and healthy.


  1., I'm just dying to start the seeds and they haven't come in yet...but I know the feeling :)

  2. Be strong MM! You can do it...hehe
    Hey I see the ducks are in the root cellar again :)

  3. Tango! Resist the urge! LOL I know the seeds will just mold, the weather is too up and down still and the drafty conditions in my house won't help. hang in there, almost time!

  4. LOL Scifi, I got a pump from the neighbor to get the water out but I don't see the need until I have to stuff to finish the cellar. Ducks will be MAD when I do tho!

  5. Hang in there!! Spring always comes ~ even when it seems the winters in life will never come to an end.

    Anne :)

  6. I feel fortunate to have been loaned a tiller yesterday, and quickly worked in some compost and put out the leafy green thingies what like cool temps! I understand totally the impatience with the seeds. Being no longer in Houston (zone7-8) and now in Georgia (6-7), I likely should have been more patient. Got some peas going indoors-- well, A pea! ha! tdeaching the young one how to start early...

    I can almost taste the mutton now...

    Best of wishes!

  7. I envy the wool but I don't envy procesing the fleece! I'vejust started using a drop spindle & Love it! Somay I'd like DH to build me a wheel

  8. Do you use chamomile tea on your sprouts ?
    I have started mine , I know they will have plenty of time though. I couldnt stand waiting anymore. The site of those little sprouts nearly drive me mad with joy. LIttle green leaves popping up outta brown soil.

  9. I know it's lots of hard work but, you are blessed. And I am envious, lol.

    What a beautiful rooster! My nickname is Roozter.



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