Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Snow Storm

PFFTT, yah, some big snow storm. I know others around us may have gotten a large amount of snow but we sure didn't. I was actually kind of looking forward to some snow. I like snow. It makes everything look clean and bright instead of the dull, dirty, muddy, sloppy look we normally have for the whole winter here. One more thing, it alwasy appears like there is suddenly a whole flock of Cardinals flying around every time it snows. Their beautiful red feathers just stand out against the white background and it's so easy to see them.
I dug out a bag of my Dent corn seed this morning to show some readers what it looks like. I was going to just take a picture of some of it in one of my storage buckets but it's sooo cold out and my camera is on it's last leg, i didn't want to take a chance and steam it up so the seeds aren't cleaned but there they are.
Not much else is going on around here, too cold to be doing anything!


  1. We are growing a variety of corn this year , (my husband insists on variety , but I know better). WHen I was in TX I could find a HUGE red Dent corn that I loved grinding for an almost pink color cornmeal. I never thought of what kind it might have been. Have you ever used shoot bagging on corn youself to assure purity with my field surrounded by field corn I think i will have to do it this year to keep seed pure.

  2. Hey HappyHermit! I've lucked out here, the land around me is 100 acrs of empty field(CRP) so I don't need to tassle or bag my corn. I would have to tho if there was commercial corn around me.

  3. You're lucky with the snow and cold. We have over 30 inches of snow, and are expecting record cold, -24 without the windchill. My husband has only been able to work 2 days since the week before Chistmas and now the furnace isn't working.

    It has been nice having everyone home with no place to go.

  4. We got about 1.5 inches here. The children are enjoying it. It's supposed to be in the single digits the next couple of nights, and then we're supposed to warm up above freezing again, the first time in over a week.


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