Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Sweet Kick

I had a rough night, didn't sleep real well expecting the employment call to come in today. It didn't, I don't know why right now. So, I spent the late morning brushing horses and thinking about what I was going to make for supper. I decided on making a meal with some of the venison and beef scraps I have in the freezer. So, while that was thawing out, I ground up some wheat, some corn and a handful of oats to make some fresh cornbread and a couple sweet breads. I dug out some of the dehydrated bannanas, ground them up for some nanner bread, pulled out some dehydrated blueberries and got them soaking and worked up my batters. I should have checked how many eggs I had before I started, now I don't have enough for breakfast. Guess I'll have to make pancakes. As you can see, the sweet breads don't hardly get cooled off before they get sampled around here. I jumped the gun on the cornbread and pulled it out of the pan before it cooled completely and it broke on me. Oh well, it still tastes good.

Now I've got my meat scraps all cut up and browned in a pan of olive oil and chopped onion. When the meat was nice and browned, I pulled the meat out, added a couple cups of beef stock and a couple shots of lemon jiuce, brought that to a boil and poured it over the meat to simmer for a while on the stove. After about an hour of simmering, I'll add some home grown barley and parsley to it. when the barley softens up, I'll serve it over flour dumplings and home made egg noodles.


  1. I just love a gal who does everything from scratch. Now, I'm going to curl up by the fire with my new cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks". So glad I found your blog!

  2. Sue, my Mom gave that book to me for Christmas! You're going to love it, it's great!

  3. That sounds good. Except I'd use quinoa since we can't have barley (GF). Wow! Vikki at

  4. Hey Vicki! I've never even seen quinoa, is it a grain?


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