Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Self Sustained Living-Cooking with what you've got

Here's supper for today. It's a nice deer meat sauce with some pasta. Simple to whip up and everybody enjoys it. Just throw some stuff from the garden in the pot. Diced tomatoes, some tomato sauce I made with the squisher thingy, some dehydrated sweet peppers, oregano, rosemary, thyme, some diced onions and of course the meal maker- browned ground deer meat. I like to let my sauce simmer for a while to blend the flavors and cook off extra water from the tomatoes and sauce. I sometimes put chopped up dehydrated mushrooms in too but hubby doesn't much care for them. Just an example of a simple and tasty meal you can whip up easily. This meal also works pretty darn good on a wood fire.
How about the Christmas presents under the tree? 2 cats and a dog, hmmmm, can I exchange those? hahahaha Ole' Polar Bear wants to make sure those cats don't steal the tree I guess...
There's some cold weather coming in on us again with a hint of a snow flurry on Saturday. This might get interesting. Snow cover is better than ice any day.


  1. LOL they all congregated there by themselves / That is funny.

  2. That meal looks yummy! I froze most of our deer meat as roasts, but as I've been looking for venison recipes, I've seen lots of them requiring ground venison. I'm going to have to partially thaw a few roast and get some more ground up!

  3. I'll exchange your blue heeler for almost anything. We've had/raised heelers since the 80s, and our last female died last year and we have not been able to find a good one since. Seeing that picture makes we happy and sad at the same time.

  4. We actually had something really similar tonight. Other than the pasta, it feels good to be able to provide healthy and balanced meals for ourselves.

    This year's hunting yielded 8 sticks of summer sausage, 20 pounds of burger, and 20 pounds of backstraps and steaks. It was a good year, despite the cold coming late.

  5. Such a beautiful dog! They all look so peaceful sleeping there =)

  6. They do look pretty happy being where they are! Just kinda warms your heart, ya know?

    That dish looks pretty good to me...!


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